Thursday, April 27, 2023

Chicks are Here

 Look what arrived! We ordered a dozen Golden Bovan chicks. This is the breed we got last year and we are LOVING them. They are gentle and great layers - even through the winter. 

HOWEVER, when Michael went to pick up it appears we got 1 or 2 Golden Bovans and the rest are Red Novogens. The Reds are the ones we usually buy. We attempted to buy them last year and they convinced us to take the Golden. LOL I'm a bit uneasy as the Reds are more aggressive and we had a lot of trouble with our reds getting cabin fever and attacking/killing each other.  Even without the coloring it was quite easy to tell which breed was which. The reds - even at a day old - attacked my fingers and were fighting over a wood chip....the goldens like to snuggle. LOL 

We only got 12 this year. We currently have 24 hens. We had a year a few years back where we ended up with all old hens, no one laying...and we decided to just add some every year to hopefully avoid that scenario in the future. 

This is a NOISEY bunch! We are surprised how much noisier and messier they are when there are half what we usually buy. LOL 

BTW the chicks arrival is a sure sign of spring - regardless of the stubborn snow on the ground. 

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