Sunday, May 21, 2023

My Favorite Local Gallery

My favorite local art gallery is right here at Wibbly Wobbly Acres. I am not a fan of curtains. I love light.  Living in the same area as grandblessings has resulted in me possessing many priceless works of art. The collection outgrew the fridge. A couple of Christmas' ago I strung ribbons over the dining room windows and hung Christmas cards on them.  After Christmas I hung one of the overflow works of art...and now I have a gallery of precious art. 

 A young gall from church drew me a couple of pictures on Wednesday night. I told her I'd hang them in my gallery. Here they are: a lovely spring hillside with birds and a page full of flowers, bees and a bee hive. 

I rotate the art. As the kids give me new projects, I replace one of their previous works. The one below hasn't been replaced. It makes us smile AND some days one needs the reminder. Benny brought this to us on our anniversary one year, Valentines Day. 

"Bachan and Papa, You love each other. Benny."

Yes, we do. 

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