Wednesday, May 24, 2023

One on One Time with Annie

 BreAnne had well-child checkups for Bella, Gideon and Trudy. Jojo didn't feel 100% well and ended up napping. This gave me the opportunity to connect with Annie one on one. We chatted while she finished lunch. We moved on to putting together this big, wonderful puzzle. She was shocked I didn't know what an Octanaut was - so we watched an episode. 

I ducked out to the restroom for a moment and when I came back, she had ALL her clothes in a big pile on the floor. I was ready to get them picked up - but Annie was content to "organize." She wanted each item folded a certain way and then put in a specific spot in her drawer. She chattered away during the entire time it took to get everything picked up. It seems she, "organizes just like my mom." 

It's always fun to catch up with Annie and enjoy time exploring her reasoning.  All 3 kids checked out fine and were sporting new Band-Aids from their round of shots. 

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