Thursday, June 29, 2023

Brunch and Sunflowers

Allie and I headed to Sophia's for Bible study and discussions of the heart. I feel blessed we are able to continue to make this work with her college and work schedule. We went later than normal - and ran into their rush hour. It got rather crowded and noisy. She suggested we get into her car and find a quieter spot. A park was the perfect solution. 

Before we left the local artist of some of my favorite paintings came in. I hoped she was lowering prices again. She did. She also took one of my remaining favorites off the wall. I asked, "Are you taking the sunflowers home?" 

"Yes," she replied. 

"Ah, I was hoping you were marking it down too." 

She told me it was marked down to $75, and she'd let me have it for $50. Quick calculations told me I had enough to buy it.  Which I did. 

She told me she'd write the new price on the card, and I could take it to the front to pay. 

She hadn't previously marked it down to $75. The last written price was $170...which was still too much for me. We were both happy with the deal and I have a new bright, piece of cheery artwork to brighten our main room in the basement. A piece of summer to enjoy year-round. 

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