Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Dandelion Tea Party

 Benny brought me a HUGE bouquet of dandelions when they were over mowing our yard. I like the dandelions - Michael not so much. I made him promise not to kill them all until I could have a dandelion tea party. I did NOT know one can MAKE dandelion tea, and I'm not sure I'm ever going to try it. We've made dandelion salve...but I think the tea party may be the best way to put the dandelions to good use. A festive decorative touch. It's all in your perspective. 

The idea took hold. We knew exactly who we wanted to invite to our first dandelion tea party. I texted Joelle and told her I could offer lots of things for the kids to play on and tea treats as well. We had hoped to grab Jenni too - but she has a 9-5 job. Sadly, Allie is also working tons of hours this summer. We missed Allie and Jenni. 

Joelle, Lucy, Stacia, Hudson, Lucas, Hope

Waiting for people

We tried for candy dandelions, but the sticks weren't cooperating. Stacia said let's make more mature dandelions and it worked! LOL The recipe for the dirt cake made SO MUCH we're going to have to take dirt cake to life group tomorrow. 

We did have fun. The car and wagon came out as well. 

Lucy and Millie loved each other. It was cute to watch. Lucy was calling her "mimmie" until she heard Stacia call her "mil"...

It didn't take Hudson and Lucas long to figure out the wagon provided a fun diversion if one started in the high end of the yard with a big push. I laughed and told Stacia THIS is the fun we'll have when all our boys are a couple of years older. 

GG let me know I needed to wash the windows yesterday. I realized how much time he spends sitting in one chair and looking out the window. I cleaned them. I also set up the chairs and table. This may keep the dog from jumping up on the window. BUT we are making a concerted effort to get GG outside on the deck when the weather is nice. Even if he is not sure he wants to be outside. He did enjoy watching the activity in the yard today. 

Michael got a second coat of primer on the roof and painted the trim pieces of the playhouse. It's going to be cute. 

The chickens were quite fascinated with all the new activity. 

Joelle and the kids had to leave. I sent leftovers to youth group. Stacia tried a new creation. She was not impressed. I think she needs to tweak it and try again. Chocolate shells with graham cracker crumbs and marshmallow cream. She had piped the cream and sprinkled crumbs on top. They were darling; but they collapsed. Maybe adding some cream cheese or powdered sugar would help them hold their shape?

We all loaded into the car and went to church. We have enjoyed a set aside time to gather and pray. The guys came home to their crockpot dinner. Allie and Stacia went to youth group. I headed down to women's Bible study. 

Here are a few more food pics with thoughts so I corral them for the next outside tea party - which is bound to happen. We were blessed with sunshine at the exact time for us to be able to outside playing. 
Tiny cookies (big hit), chocolate flowers and lady bugs, brownie bites and mini cupcakes. We had WAY too many treats. 

Pots of mature dandelions (dirt cake). I made one recipe and it was WAY too much. Next time - 1/2 the recipe.  I was told these (below) would look like dandelions. Not so much but they tasted o.k. and were colorful and easy. Kid friendly. 

The plate of tea sandwiches was a good addition. Next time scones. Always scones. How did I forget the scones? I have some blueberry scones in the freezer. 

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