Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Cousin Playdate

 I have done more laundry than a human should be ALLOWED to do in one day. We had all our camping laundry, GG's laundry (which I usually do a load daily) and then there is bedding etc. I began laundry EARLY and kept it going all day. I'm not sure I'm making a dent in the pile. LOL 

I thought I could set both girls down with their laptops and we could knock out two FAFSA applications in no time. It was not to be. Allie couldn't get the site to do a thing for her. Stacia needed to go pick up a new phone as it wouldn't take any of our phone numbers for her - because we've done that before with other IDs. I couldn't remember the name of my youngest child when I first set up the FAFSA ID those decades ago. ::snort::  We'll work on it again tomorrow. I've collected all the info and we should all now have current ID's. 

Did you know this is SHARK WEEK? It is. Bre is great about pulling together themes and parties. Today her kids and Arielle and the boys came over for a bit of cousin time in the yard. We painted sharks, did shark tattoos...had shark treats (and goldfish because you least it's fishy) and there was shark goodie bags. We also just played. 

Hello, Trudy. 


Jojo - Josiah 

I saw a meme that said, "Remind her she's survived enough storms she doesn't have to worry about a few raindrops."  When the kids showed me my tat options, I took a wave and some bubbles and tried to recreate the thought on my wrist. I like it. It will be gone tomorrow. LOL 

I weeded in the greenhouse. I let the weeds grow up with the plant until I could see which green was good and which was a noxious weed. 

The girls are off to youth group. Michael is at the church for a couple of hours - working to edit and upload services we've missed. 

I hear there are chickens in our neighborhood that are being killed...and a bear has been in coops. I'm not happy about this at all. I do like when the bears go back up the mountain for the winter. 

I'll end this post with a photo of Noah on his way to his 6 months well baby check. 

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