Sunday, July 23, 2023

Day 4 - Fish Camp 23 - Day of Rest

 Yes, I did say "we" were done fishing.  

This morning, however, Cory and Josiah got up early and caught the tide.  When they came home, they had all the fish they wanted, Krista and Luke had all the fish they wanted the day before, and they gifted us 10 fish - which was all the fish we wanted. We are beyond thankful. The state allows Michael to declare a proxy to hunt and fish for him due to his VA disability. He doesn't want to use that benefit, but with his back acting up it was sure a blessing to have these two watching our back.  The fish have been slower this year. Last year we caught 100 fish in ONE TIDE! ::snort::  We have had to work for it this year. Our family total (Gherkins and us that are here) is 116.  We truly ARE done fishing for this trip. 

Josiah and Cory

I joined Arielle in the early morning hours to run off boy energy. I told them they couldn't have any of my "China tea" (young Benny's interpretation of Chai tea) this morning because it was my "super twin power drink." 
Super, twin power drink

Oh, these smiles!
Benny & Charles

Danny & Charles

Arielle wanted to go help process the morning's fish. I volunteered to watch the 2-year-olds.  I have had little gifts for the kids each day and it seemed like a good idea to let the boys pick one out. We also read books and played games.  They each got a soft/spongy animal. 

"Break it!" - Their favorite game. LOL 

Carrie and Livie headed home about the time everyone else began processing. They reported back they didn't get above 15 mph from Cooper Landing to the Seward Hwy. Yikes. 

When we ran out of things to do in the RV, we put the sides on one of the carts and I did loops around all the camping loops here at the campground. A good time was had by all. 

When everyone was done, we sat around, had lunch, and Krista and Luke shared about their mountaintop adventure - which I will blog when I get home. 

Krista and Luke headed home. Josiah headed home. Our numbers fluctuate a lot during our time here. Here is the freezer on Sunday afternoon with Josiah and KrUke's fish out. Cory's on the right side. Danny & Krista G's in the middle and ours on the left. 

Several left for the store. The boys went down for naps. Arielle and Michael took advantage of the time to read. 

Krista G made tacos/ taco bowls for dinner. 

Michael and Cory started cleaning up the fishing equipment in preparation for packing. 

I ran to the store with the girls...for graham crackers and cream. Michael got a fire going....our first campfire. Yes, s'mores were consumed. 

It's been a good trip. We are down to 8 adults and 3 kids now. 

Remember - Krista N used to be Krista G but married Luke (our daughter)

Krista G is married to Danny (our friend)

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