Saturday, July 15, 2023

Family Work Day

It's been a great day. There was time to read, rest, spend time in the word, journal AND cross many things off the post it notes. In fact, one of the notes is nearly ready to be pulled off the board. LOL  It helps when we all see the same big picture. 

It's that time of year again - fish camp! We will leave on Thursday for Kenai. Jamin, CyRi and CoRielle came over today to move the freezer I cleared to the RV, help unload a couple of big pieces from the trailer, and work on nets....

Danny made beautiful artwork for our front walkway. 

A bit of rain didn't keep these guys from doing what needed to be done. They repaired nets, washed them down and spray painted various parts to color coordinate the nets. I haven't a clue. 

The boys lobbied for a tea party. It seemed like a good idea. Inside we went for tea and scones...and hot chocolate...a bit of fruit and zbars too. LOL 

Stacia got the new study PAINTED! We've been trying to get this done since May. Livie helped her when she got here. I don't think it will need another coat of paint but we're going to check it out when it's all dry tomorrow and make a final decision. 
Millie didn't like Stacia to be on the ladder

Painter's helper

After everything was repaired, moved and painted we sat and simply enjoyed catching up with each other around the table...
Danny, Arielle, Cy, Cory

Carrie, Stacia, Michael & Little Buddy, Jamin

Stacia and I ran to set up the coffee corner at church and got home about the time GG was heading to bed.  This was a fun sight to see....rain or shine we are going camping! 

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