Sunday, July 16, 2023

Sunday Morning Moose Musings

The moose have been back this spring and summer. I like them in the yard a lot more when I don't have a garden planted. LOL  They began showing up frequently again in February. I think they come to play. I have been told on good authority we have a pretty fun yard. 


First, they came to find any twigs that may be uncovered and turning green.  They came alone, in groups of two, Mama's with one or two calves and most recently two bulls and a cow. 
View from my kitchen window in February.

We had seen evidence they were on the property but now we saw them. They love to bed down by the woodshed. This can be adrenaline producing and we have learned to look around when we park before hopping out of our cars to see if anyone is coming to greet us or lurking in the driveway. 


In May they started showing up with babies in tow and we became hyper vigilant.

June Moose we caught in our viewfinder.

Cute little one. 

Another set in June...

Early on July 9th we had just a mama and baby in the yard. 

Later that Sunday evening someone noted this one coming out of our woods. 

It didn't take long before there was a group of three in the yard. It was unusual in that they were not a mama with calves but two bulls and a cow. 

The older one kept putting his head on the butt of the younger one. 

I found the whole butt thing rather odd. Finally - making friends...

They weren't making friends.

It is amusing to watch the contortions they go to reach an itch, young or old the technique is rather amusing. 

I do love living in Alaska. A drive to town refreshes the soul as we are surrounded by the beauty and splendor of the mountains. We've lived in places that were soul-sucking ugly. We can see this nature without leaving the house. All these photos were taken from the deck, GG's ramp, the back door and one or two from the driveway. 

Editor's Note: A side note this Sunday morning. I've been trying to write about moose since February. These ideas take up space in my mind. When my mind gets too full I feel overwhelmed. Writing everything on the whiteboard has, in some magical way, freed up the space in my brain so I can be productive rather than feeling overwhelmed. We are making progress on the things that must be done by Thursday, the things that need to be done federally AND the things like this that don't have to be done but bring peace to get done.  I can look at the board and pull something small to work on when I have a few minutes rather than simply feeling stressed and overwhelmed. It's been working wonders for me. I'm glad I moved the list from the journal to the whiteboard. It may be tamed enough to move back to a journal page soon. 

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