Sunday, July 02, 2023

GRAND Photo Dump

Here it is: a GRAND photo dump!  Here are photos to darling to lose...which I have not blogged.  All photos are from adult Gherkins...Larissa, Bre, Josiah and Arielle. Thanks, for supporting my habit, guys! 

Mr. Noah has sprouted his first two teeth! Way to go buddy! 

And with the new teeth came his first solid food eating experience. He seems fairly happy with the experience.  

Jared, Noah (5 months), Larissa 

I sense something good is about to happen! 

Game changer! 

Arielle and Stacia treated themselves to a pedicure! Allie had to work. Getting multiple chairs at this place is tough to do. 

Last weekend Josiah and Jamin came over and gave Michael a hand cutting up a big cottonwood that had fallen during a winter storm. 

Annie is 4 - check out her footware - it's genetic

Uncle Nolan went to the park with Bre and kids. They are now neighbors. 

Jojo is always game for adventure. 
2 years old

Bachan is happy to see he still has curls after his haircut! 

Izaak took advantage of the nice weather to prefect Bella and Gideon's biking skills. They were excited to report they can ride without training wheels. This is a milestone worth documenting for sure. 

Izaak & Bella (7 - really?)

Gideon (6)

Yes, we are enjoying Alaska in the summer - even if we have to dodge more rain than typical this summer. 

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