Saturday, July 08, 2023

My Happy Place Lives

 Raining? Cloudy? Grey skies? 

None of this affects my happy place. My happy place is bright, warm and humid....and little things are starting to happen inside the sun kissed walls. 

I planted seeds in a few rows a week ago. I scattered the lettuce seeds so they aren't going to show up in nice any event...the row of this clues me in this lefy vegetation is not a weed - most likely raddishes?

This probably means most the other wispy green shoots are weeds and nothing good...unless they're lettuce growing all willy-nilly.  I believe there is the start of spinach amongst the weed shoots. 

It's quite nice on a rainy morning to take a hot cuppa tea out to the chair in the greenhouse and pretend we actually sowed the whole garden plot this year. LOL 

Oh, let's see...there WAS more to the day than this...Stacia babysat CoRielle's boys so they could go out just the two of them. Stacia and Allie went out as Stacia spent more hours learning to drive her standard auto. I ordered a bumper magnet reminding fellow drivers that standards DO roll back...because I think most Millennials and Gen Z may not know this fact by the way they pull close on hills.  Allie went to work. Stacia baked cookies. GG napped. Michael worked on next winter's wood supply. Michael and I went to the church, pulled a few weeds, set up for coffee tomorrow, met up briefly with some new friends, updated the announcement slide deck and ran by Freddies for a few groceries.  But sitting in the greenhouse is fairly magical. 

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Shelley Lee in MA said...

Ha! You are correct about stick shifts! That is a great idea to get that bumper sticker. Maybe a good xmas idea. I had no idea younger folks were not driving them until I saw "that a stick shift was a theft deterrent!"

I was just thinking of you cause I was reading a Franklin Graham update - I am assuming you all know about this....they have a yearly event for military couples in Alaska led by retired military chaplains. : )

In any event - thank you all for your service!!
Shelley in MA