Monday, August 07, 2023

Celebrating Stacia

We celebrated Stacia today - her 18th birthday and her graduation from high school. While there ARE men in this photo - wow, I love the girl tribe in this photo...youth younger than Stacia, women my age, women in their 30's and 40's... there is strength in this photo. 

ANYway, Stacia was a bit surprised when she had to say a few words, though I'm not sure why as we'd discussed it. Since we had waited to celebrate so far into the summer her diploma had arrived from the Galena School District. LOL 

Stacia said she wanted a potluck party where we played group games. We envisioned it being simple, easy and fun. We started looking at people to invite and it came down to youth group families and life group seemed very doable. In reality, the weather turned, and everyone was inside. 45 people in our home is a bit much. As we planned to be outside, I hadn't brought chairs from the church. I didn't have extra tables - you get the picture...but we had LOTS of food, grace, fun and conversation. Stacia was celebrated and blessed. I was particularly happy we celebrated her high school graduation before she began college. We loved the chance to connect with everyone. I see much hospitality in the works for the winter...smaller groups. 

Sweet Kiddos

If it's a party one must have cake. This was good cake. 

Singing Happy Birthday - EAFB Gospel style

In an odd twist today marks 6 years since we moved into this house. It truly has become home. I love the community God has placed us in during this season. I found myself listening to laughter and conversations and being very thankful for this season...with the ups and downs and messiness. LOL 

Other random thoughts of the day - we spent all week rearranging rooms, clearing out the family room etc...and no one even went downstairs. ::snort:: But it's done. 

Notes from the next day: Sanity is returning, and we are happy for this community...even if it felt like a sardine festival at our home. Stacia was loved, seen and celebrated. Our friends were gracious. Covid is truly over and we are going to be engaging in more Sunday afternoon meals. LOL 

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