Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Homeschooling Bachan!

 I may have found a new niche! I could be the homeschooling Bachan. 

Benny has begun school again. I play with the boys on Tuesday so Arielle can get some work done at her church where she is the children's ministry director.  She pulled some books out "just in case" we wanted to do school. Uh Huh! 

I can take a hint. 
This is SERIOUS work. 

Arielle is using Sonlight - I'm quite familiar with their format. LOL  Flipping the pages all nicely encased in sheet protectors - ah...the memories. Who would guess - "These ARE the days you will miss."

Arielle suggested the boys like to sit at the table and draw while Benny does school. We gave it a shot. There was quite a bit of commotion and scuffling over the pencils... Benny bravely soldiered on. 

About this time, it was becoming apparent I would need to dig deep into my bag of tricks from schooling a houseful with young ones around. 

Keep going Benny - you can ignore them! LOL 

I asked the two-year-olds if they'd like to go play in the rec room. They thought that was a great idea. Unfortunately, as they ran off Benny yelled after them, "Yeah - go scream in the rec room." 

They scream so well I was sure someone was hurt. They weren't. They kept screaming and we had a hard time paying attention on the couch where I was reading to Benny. 

We took our books and headed for the rec room. I suggested they play hide and seek. They hid. We finished reading Dolphin Stories and a book about ants. We even got the worksheet done. They were very, very quiet as they hid. ::snort:: 

Bachan for the win! We got ALL of Benny's Day 2 work finished. We picked up the rec room and living room and the boys were having a snack when Arielle got home. 

I might be able to make a second career out of these skills. LOL 

Benny was a bit sad we didn't make it out for a hike or bike ride...as was I. I promised him he would have the afternoon free to play when Mom got home AND we are going on an adventure on Friday. 

I had a fun morning with the boys. I followed it up with 4 hours of work at the Produce co-op, dinner and an episode of Family Affair. 

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