Thursday, October 19, 2023

Local Grass Fed Organic Beef - NOW WHAT?

 Another shot of our mountain in the fall! I can't get enough of the mountains. The snow is getting quite deep at the top. The bare mountain to the left is our gauge. Old-timers say 2 weeks till snow on the ground in town when it hits that mountain. Today there was snow on the slopes...not much but it may stay. We'll see tomorrow. 

Beautiful, crisp fall day 

Michael had an appointment today. Allie had class. Stacia worked all day on homework. The chickens ran hither and fro. Millie barked at chickens all day. I took care of some paperwork associated with women's ministry and made sure the FB blurbs I'd scheduled earlier in the week for the church's page were actually posting. ::snort:: 

I met Rachel, our new pastor's wife, for a hot drink at a local hang out spot. 

Michael worked on paperwork. He's currently dealing with paperwork from 3 government agencies. He suggested he come with me to go back into town to pick up Dad's meds. I forgot to pick them up when I was in town. We got a text while standing in line that our beef was ready to pick up. Our cow was MUCH smaller than expected, but it's a good start for us.  Locally raised, grass fed, organic beef for the winter...or at least part of the winter.  Our 1/2 turned out to be 213 hang weight...and approximately 150 lbs of beef we can eat. We decided it was o.k. to be less than we expected because this is our first year. We'll figure out how much we need and if it is worth it to use to get the grass fed. ::snort::  NOW what do we do with a box of "offal" and "bones."  Michael told me to get them - I'm a bit sickened by it all. Tell me, if you've gotten such...what do I do now? 

After dinner and homework, Stacia and I finished White Collar. I'm not sure how I feel about the ending.... Allie is with our youth group at AKYC as a chaperone. 

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