Tuesday, November 28, 2023

"A Little Child Will Lead Them"

 It is said, "A little child will lead them," (Isaih 11:6) and that does seem to be the case when I observe everyone in the family getting their Christmas decorations up. Even reluctant, grieving mamas are decorating, "For the kids."  

Carrie and Liv, once again, had their stuff up EARLY.  It's beautiful and I didn't grab a photo. Of course, I knew they needed something to spark joy, and they had HELP decorating. 

I THINK CoRielle were next....though I think everyone hit at about the same time? I was sick - I'm fuzzy on details. Arielle and Carrie are usually early, but she hadn't wanted to decorate. BENNY was READY. 

Sweet boy!

3 is such a fun age! Look at Danny's smile.

This will be Noah's first Christmas! 
Such a great decorator! 

Bre reports Bella was up early, helping to get everything done so they could decorate. 
She inherited the Eager Christmas Decorator gene. 

What about us here at Wibbly Wobbly Acres? Well - I simply didn't want to decorate and have no children dying to get it done.  I deduced from past experiences I was the driving force of decorating and no one else really cared one way or the other.  I decided I would be happy with a tree with lots of lights and the Willow Tree Nativity. I wasn't in a hurry because I am still reluctant to move into Christmas without Josiah. A friend said to be sure to talk to everyone about what they need and what is essential instead of pushing to "do it all."  She is wise!    

I discovered everyone around here loves lots of decorations - they just don't like the putting up part.  They agreed, however, I didn't need to put it all up if I didn't feel like it.  I offered to call in my tribe. I KNOW there are women who would come over here and decorate with me...or FOR me if I was on the couch in tears. I said I'd have hot drinks and snacks and get 3 or 4 women over.  That IS an option. But at that point, I think it sounded too much like a party, and the family decided maybe they don't need it ALL up. ::snort::

Michael then confessed he hates to see the fall decorations come down too. I am considering leaving a bit of fall in the living room and moving in a few Christmas things. 

This morning was my Tuesday with the Boys. They were so excited to show me their Christmas Books and Decorations. 

Everyone got to pick a few to be read and we were occupied for a full hour. We also worked out and played with kits from "the closet." At one point Benny said, "Boys, Bachan has Christmas books at her house! AND a nativity."  And just like that I know I'd best add books and the kids' nativity to the tree and Willow Tree nativity. It's true...kids do really lead. ::snort:: 

Charles had a certain way he wanted it all. 

The girls had an evening engagement. Michael proctors tests from Global University for Danny, a friend from MAG. He came over tonight to take the test. They are usually fairly quick...and the test was quick... I'm not sure when he went home...it was fun to sit and visit with Danny. Danny is the youth pastor at MAG. Allie works with him in the youth group. 

I spent some time journaling - which helped me figure out what is helpful for me (this week) and what is not. 


1. A husband who does things to make me smile...the outside Christmas lights were on in the wee morning hours; my car was filled with gas, and he'd cleaned it after driving it.  What a blessing he is for so many reasons. 

2. Thankful for Josiah, a son who lived his life in such a way he had an impact way beyond his years. I pray my life has as big an impact. 

3. Grandblessings! 

4. Catching college girls for chats between their craziness. 

5. A sweet note and homemade Lavendar soap and lotion from Twyla, a friend I dearly miss from our four years in Japan. 

6. A letter and money to buy a memorial rose bush in the spring from Cindy, a friend from our assistant pastor days in Montana (1991). 

NOTE: All children decorating photos were sent by respective parents. LOL 

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