Saturday, November 11, 2023

A Wonderful Saturday

Saturdays are hard, as you probably guessed from the previous post.  The day that loomed so long and dreary in my mind was beyond full of love and laughter. 

Michael left early to get our rear tires replaced. He was there It seems most wait until the first snow to get their snow tires changed over.  It was our bad luck to have tires go out at the same time the first storm hit. LOL We now have four new tires and are starting over with hopes for longer wear. 

While Michael was gone Brian and Alicia stopped over to buy eggs...and hug me, encourage me, and offer their presence and home as a safe place when the need arises. Alicia and I served on an International/Regional Protestant Women Of the Chapel board at the same time. We've known each other many years. 

Stacia baked a smash cake for Trudy and a number of cupcakes for next week's Family Celebration. I've ordered baby yoda toppers for one celebrant and am hoping they arrive in time...we'll also have mickey mouse and dinosaur themes. Cupcakes seemed the easiest way to go! 

Jenni came by. She brought 3 pints of ice cream from Big Dipper. That stuff is fantastic. She also brought a beautiful loaf of bread from Joelle.  We had tea, (I found my tea stone cold after everyone left - but I prepared some tea, I have serious brain fog these days), visited and Stacia and Jenni made plans for tomorrow. 

Joelle makes PRETTY bread

Millie went crazy again; it was Melany, Lorelai, and Ketziah arriving with an amazing pot of chicken and dumplings. The best part, however, was seeing THEM. They were a sight for bruised hearts. They had just pulled out when Millie sounded the alarm again and we discovered CoRielle and the boys were here. Arielle rested in the house while Cory tried to shovel a path to the back yard for the boys. I suggested the sled we haul wood and snow with as an easier mode of travel. 
A whole lot of shoveling

One thing led to another, and He took the young boys to the top of the driveway. Unless we get a hill/run built in the back yard this is the best we have to offer. 

Cory, Danny, Charles

Cory pulled the boys around our snow berm and did a loop back through the woods and along the front of the garden plot to the berm again. We had hoped to pack some trails down for Stacia to ski on. Benny asked for his skis, and he took first dibs at the newly packed path. 
They fit much better this year

Completing their loop

The girls and Jenni took turns pulling the newly minted 3-year-olds to the top of the driveway. They loved sledding down and there were always two to catch them at the bottom. 

Allie & Charles

Jenni, Charles and Stacia

At some point during all the play, Jamin showed up. He joined in the merriment. Danny's hands get VERY red and cold. He was ready to call it a day before anyone else. I set him up with a heating pad and hot chocolate. In no time we had crackers, jerky, cheese and hot chocolate on the table, cookies baking in the oven. One by one everyone came inside where we continued to share laugher and friendship. 

Jenni needed to head out. 

CoRielle and boys left. 

Jamin had plans with Nolan and Alex to watch Wheel of Time. 

We enjoyed Chicken and Dumplings and are settling in for a quiet evening. Michael and Dad are trying to watch a Duck game - but it has a box across the screen. Odd. Stacia is prepping for play practice, I think. Allie is editing a paper for college. Millie is resting after all her excitement. 

I am thankful for: 

1. Brian, Alicia, Jenni, Melany, Ketziah and Lorelai as well as Jamin, Cory, Arielle and boys for dropping in to make a long and empty Saturday a day full of love and fun. 

2. Once again, the past 6 years of doing life with our adult children in the area. 

3. God's sustaining grace. 

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