Saturday, December 02, 2023

A Full Saturday

 Saturdays are a challenge. They are the day we most expect Millie to begin barking, and Josiah, Carrie and Liv to walk in the door. They are often unplanned and stretch.  Today was a bit more emotional than normal as it's been one month since Josiah's Celebration of Life. 

Joelle dropped by for a hug and to drop off some lemon bars. So sweet - both her and the bars. 

We had loose plans to meet CoRielle and the boys at Santa's...but we never made it. 

Jared and Noah came by. They were giving Larissa time to rest. We were happy for the visit. It was great to catch up on their busy week, actually we missed Thanksgiving and church last Sunday, so it had been two weeks since we saw their family.  

Jared and Noah

We talked about places that provide painful reminders of what is missing...and I remembered with Mom eventually those places begin to bring comfort. Still the ache of missing, but ALSO the joy of remembering the fun times with her in those places. I look forward to that transition. Right now, things are pretty much painful reminders of all we've lost. I'm not sure if the legal aspect of this loss will slow things down or speed things up with grief. I guess it just is...and we will deal with what is. 

While we were visiting, we heard from Luke and Krista. They were going to come over and were bringing ingredients for Yakisoba. They also brought stuff to make wontons, a pastry and some soft drinks. I will admit the house gets a bit raucous with all the people and RENO and MILLIE in the mix.  However, it WAS great to have them come by. We visited, cooked together, ate and they headed home. 

The bonus is Millie is now tired out and is sleeping. 

If I had the energy I would go ahead and back blog a few posts from missing weeks, but I'm going to end this. I may read. Reading and viewing have become a challenge. My favorite genre has been suspense and murder mystery. That isn't working for me these days. It's impossible to consider either watching or reading a murder mystery as entertainment. I picked up a couple of other books - but I don't love them like I used to love my mysteries.  I'm a bit at a loss at the library. 

OH - and check out these cute boys who are playing the "Santa game" this year. They've always known the sad truth about Santa, but Benny asked if they could play the game this Christmas. LOL 


Look at those two little faces peeping out of the snowman's face. Cute boys, these 3! 

1. Surprise Yakisoba. 

2. Family in the area to visit. 

3. Jared shared a video with me - and I needed to hear Josiah's voice. I have it on my phone and computer now. 

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