Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Jared Runs for Alaska State Senate

On January 22nd, Jared filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission to run for the State Senate for District L, Eagle River, Chugiak, Birchwood and Peter's Creek area. The seat is currently held by Sen. Kelly Merick, who has chosen to be part of the Democrat-dominated Senate majority caucus.  You can check out his platform and campaign at Jared for Alaska.   To follow the day to day adventure of the campaign, follow Jared Goecker for State Senate on Facebook. 

Jared & Noah file for office

Larissa, Jared and Noah 

Jared's Campaign Announcement. 

Jan 31st found us at a campaign fundraiser for Jared in Eagle River. 

Mike & I with Jared, Noah and Larissa

Jared, Noah, Larissa 

Jamin, Jared, Nolan and Alex

Watching Jared step into a statewide political campaign was a surreal moment. Josiah was missed.  We are all proud of Jared for his willingness to step onto a hard path with the hopes of having a positive impact in the state we love. 

Noah finds security in Uncle Jamin's arms

I've mentioned in other posts Jamin, Jared and Noah out knocking on doors every spare moment.  This is an incredibly busy time for JaRissa. 

We are cheering them on! 

Editors Note: Yes, we've worked hard to keep last names and locations off the blog. That was hard with Jamin's real estate business/YouTube channel, nearly impossible after Josiah's murder and is impossible now that Jared is running for office. 

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