Saturday, February 17, 2024

Februrary Family Celebration

This month we celebrate Jamin, Nolan, Alex, Josi and Livie's birthdays. We also celebrate BreZaak's 10th anniversary and our 40th anniversary.  AND because Arielle is due in March - we added in a Baby Shower for Elleira.  I kept it simple and picked up two party-size lasagnas, had fresh baked sourdough and made a salad. I picked up a baby shower cake and Michael made an ice cream cake for birthdays. 

The girls helped me decorate, run errands, set up games, pick up the cake... Allie blew up a lot of balloons, and we had a helium tank for even more ballons.  

The boys promptly put a "baby" in their tummies and did their sumo wrestling impersonation. 

We started with a few baby shower games. We played the ever-popular clothespin on the clothes and don't say "baby" game, we cut up pieces of yarn to guess Arielle's waist size and we played a game where you guess the prices of items in a basket.  I can't remember who won any of the games. 
Charles takes this game seriously. 

Jenni has a lot of pins! 

Arielle was a good sport. We checked beforehand to be sure she was o.k. with this game. 

So sweet! 

As the games went on everyone showed up.  We were all so happy Carrie, and the girls could make it. 
Josi is 10 days old

I believe this was the day CoRielle, Nolan, Alex, and BreZaak met Josi. 

Bella is happy for another girl cousin

Papa and Josi 

Annie needs a closer look. 

We ate our mystery dinner...and visited...we sang to Jamin, Nolan, Alex, Josi and Livie. This was the moment a couple of us teared up...because really Josiah should be in this picture, right behind Livie. 


Part of the room 

Bre and Gideon

Jared, Noah, Jamin and Jenni

And then were gifts...lots of fun GIRL gifts for Cory and Arielle. 

Jojo meets Josi - both named after Josiah

Carrie got Elleira a mermaid dress LOL 

Trudy and Nolan

Part of the gang

Noah - "Here I am!" 

Stacia made this lovely flannel quilt for the baby. 

It was a fun day...KrUke and the kids were here, Nolan and Alex both made it...I think only Izaak was out - more homework!  

Note - many of the photos are from Larissa and Carrie. Thanks, girls! 

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