Sunday, February 18, 2024


We continue to attend church with Carrie, the girls, Jamin, Jared and his family, and Krista and her family. After service we usually get to catch lunch with at least one of the kids...sometimes all of us...and then we most often make our way over to spend a bit of time with Carrie and the girls. It's hard to believe sweet Josi has only been in our arms for 11 days. I can't imagine the family without her. 

Sometime in the afternoon we head back to the valley and catch a quick dinner and relax with movies and ice cream.  These are the most leisurely, peaceful Sundays Michael and I have ever experienced in our 40 years of marriage.  As a professor at Alaska Bible College said, "The church bulletin is no longer a to do list." We loved our years of service; we are loving our season of rest. I have no doubt at some point we'll be serving some capacity. For now, we rest, connect and heal.

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