Tuesday, March 05, 2024

A Day in the Life

 Just a routine day at home....

The morning begins with baking the loaf of sourdough which has been fermenting overnight...spending time with Jesus...getting GG up, into the shower and through breakfast...

Next, I prep the pieces that will become tomorrow's bread and feed the starter....

The chickens are ready to be fed; I collect eggs, make deviled eggs, boil another couple dozen eggs and then jump on the treadmill. I miss my outdoor walks, but I don't dare leave Dad alone for that long in the house. Michael is having more and more trouble sleeping and often sleeps into the afternoon.  It is TIME to see the neurologist again. 

Allie left for counseling and college.

I blogged. I'm trying to get at least one back post a day.  Writing DOES usually help me process. Several wonderful blog readers are giving me positive feedback. Michael and I didn't want it to seem like our "family" quit when Josiah was gone...and there are lots of great things going on... I agreed it was time to start blogging again.  What I didn't think about is that to write them, I would have to go back and re-live them to be able to capture the emotions of the event.  There were a lot of big milestones in February, and while it's great to write about it and I'm happy to have begun, it's also been emotional. 

I had just finished the post on everyone meeting Josi and looked to see the next one up. It's on our celebration of Josiah's birthday. I wasn't up to it.  I pulled a beef bone out of the deep freeze to cook up for Millie, and I decided to make a salad for dinner first. 

Millie went CRAZY!!!!! I ignored her.  Dad said, "The boy is here!" 

"Which boy, Dad?" I yelled. 


The trouble is we do not have a Jonathan yet in the Gherkin lineup. I couldn't think of a Jonathan we know in town. 

BENNY! was at the door, and soon Charles and Danny joined him with Cory and Arielle. They brought me a chai latte!!!!  YES, they did. They said they thought Bachan needed some emotional support. How SWEET! They could tell by the blogs it would be hard and came to my rescue. We visited. Michael got up and joined us.  We started a rousing Church leader type discussion about leadership, vision, church growth and church structure by comparing all the churches we've participated in, chapels we've worked in, churches we are attending, pastors we've known and loved, men and women Michael supervised.  It was fun. Sometime in this conversation, Stacia got home from college and joined the conversation (she and Allie are taking a class on church leadership), Danny G (from MAG - the youth pastor) walked into the kitchen! May I say I absolutely LOVE IT when our people feel at home enough to just walk in the door! 

It was perfect timing for so many reasons.  Mary K, Michael's sister, had sent a couple of packages for Arielle's baby. I was able to pass them along. 
Arielle and Benny

Danny and Michael disappeared into the study. Michael proctors Danny's online college exams for him.  We continued our discussion for a bit and then CoRielle left.  OH! Benny was more than happy to take my dozen jumbo eggs home! He likes to see if there are double yolks when he makes breakfast. Yes, that little man can make perfect scrambled eggs. I have another dozen jumbo eggs tonight. LOL 

I had pulled loins out earlier to bake for tonight but realized it would be 8 p.m. if I went that route. It was 6:00 - 6:30....so we opted for a comfort dinner of nuggies and fries, and the loins are cooking low and slow. I'll reheat them for tomorrow's dinner. 

Krista called, and we had a fun conversation with her as dinner ended. 

Stacia and I are settling in to watch The Game Plan, and Allie will be home by 9 p.m. 

1. Kids who love me enough to show up with chai unannounced when they suspect I need to see their faces! 

2. I blogged - again! I'm re-establishing the habit. 

3. Friends that are family enough to walk in without knocking...we have several. 

4. Another 2.75 miles towards this month's goal of 50 miles. 

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