Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Grands, Produce, Dinner and Games

It was a VERY busy day - but not much of it is blogworthy. Therefore, I will begin today's post with photos of all the grands sent by their Mamas. 

Little Miss Trudy is Bre and Izaak's youngest and she is finally letting us SEE her walk. We've all known she CAN walk, but she preferred to walk in private! LOL  And this little gal below? Josi Faith is CERTAINLY not in Alaska. I prefer to think her pouty face communicates, "Enough sun already! Get me back to the slush, mud and moose." 

Livie is sporting the ever-popular Chick Fil A Oreo shake! There is nothing better on that menu!  Sweet of her to take one for the team and eat at Chick Fil A in honor of her Daddy. LOL 

Check out the newest edition to the girl tribe. Ellie Rae is sporting the SAME bow as Josi Faith. 

Noah looks alarmed to be surrounded by all these girl cousins...but isn't his new haircut handsome? 

Ah, Josi...those dimples make me smile each time they surface. You got more than long limbs from Daddy. 

As sweet as babies are they can wear out Mommies and Daddies pretty quickly. 

The above photo tells the story. I was up early to bake bread and start dinner in the crock pot. I managed to get in Dad's routine and a workout before heading across town to spend the afternoon at the Food co-op with which I volunteer.  

I got home in time to put away produce and make the finishing touches for dinner. The chicken/sauce was nicely seasoned and done. I made a salad, air fryed some asparagus and boiled egg noodles. I had a few cookies left from the dinner we took CoRielle yesterday.  Krista called and was sick so wasn't going to drive out to the Valley. Nolan came over anyway for dinner and games.  

Playing games, talking, connecting was a good end to the busy day. I'll leave you with a couple of more photos of Ellie Rae. 

Hello Ellie! 

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