Sunday, June 09, 2024

Happy Birthday, Bre!

 We'll celebrate on Saturday, but we I can't let the day go by without noting the auspicious day. We kept missing each other, but we dropped off some birthday surprises on her doorstep. In our family we tend to leave the "day" for individual families to celebrate...and we celebrate as a family one time a month - because otherwise the "family as a whole" would begin to take over individual plans. ::snort:: 

Bre is our first born. She's always been amazingly mature for her age.  I always had a Mother's Helper with her in the home; and she trained Krista and Arielle to follow suit. LOL  I went looking for photos and find that mostly I have kids' here's one of her darlings.... BTW all the girls should be forewarned I will be out to get photos of THEM as I realized I have very few with Mamas and a whole lot of photos of grands...

Gideon, Annie, Trudy, Bella, Jojo

It's been a joy to watch the woman of God Bre has become. She LOVES Jesus. She lives a LIFE of worship. She's had ups and downs, grieved the loss of babies and now a brother...and yet this girl's faith is solid - it stands through the tests.  Bre is one of my favorite people with which to spend an afternoon.  

I remember sitting with her 37 years ago. Michael was at work. I was a bit lonely as all my friends were busy with classes. I was one of the first to marry and have children. Bre and I went out to Bob's burgers. She was about 2. She set in her highchair and chattered away...about an amazing array of topics. I caught a glimpse that day of how fun Bre was going to be and what good friends we would become. That picture encouraged me through the years of lots of littles...and now I have some of the best friends in the world as the Gherkins "age." 

Am I saying "age" a lot? Bre is nearing 40. I still feel like *I* am 40 and here she is rushing into spaces I didn't fully realize I'd moved on from. LOL 

Happy Birthday, Bre! 

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