Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Disputable Matters

It seems I'm often called to mediate between "camps" in the christian circles. I've said over and over that we need to be careful that when people look at our lives they see CHRIST FIRST and not our PERSONAL convictions. If you've read this blog for any length of time you have most likely heard me say something like this. {g} I feel so strongly about this because I PERSONALLY know many who were repulsed from the church and Christ because of Christians who communicated that "REAL Christians" belong to a certain political party, a certain denomination, eat certain ways, parent certain ways, school certain ways....and it angers me. Christ came to save sinners....we seem to think He came only for those with convictions like ours. {sigh} My email tag line these days speaks to this "Molds are for Jell-o; not lovingly created Children of God".

Of course we are meant to HAVE personal convictions - but the cross of Christ - Christ Himself MUST be the central focus of my life....HE must be what others see first so that they are transformed to HIS image and not to mine!

Imagine the balm to my spirit when I read these quotes by Nichole from Girl Talk. I disagreed with some of the thoughts shared on putting children on a routine. But I loved the post that began this discussion....and since I'm still up with nothing to do in a quiet house....I'll share them. {G} These are just a few excerpts - this really is good enough to click here and read the whole entry for yourself.

Epidural vs. Natural Child Birth. College vs. No College. Breast-feeding vs. Bottle Feeding. Courtship vs. Dating. Child Immunizations vs. Homeopathic Medicine. Home Schooling vs. Private or Public Schooling. Birth Control vs. No Birth Control. Organic Food vs. Processed Food.

Have an opinion, anyone?

If you’re a woman and you’re alive, at least one of these words probably triggered a visceral response. You instinctively reached into your mental files for the appropriate legal brief, fully prepared to argue for the prosecution or the defense.

Mention a topic such as this and—cue the super-hero music please—we morph into “Super-Lawyer-Woman,” {snip - many good thoughts snipped for reasons of space}

As D.A. Carson observes:
“So many Christians today identify themselves with some ‘single issue’ (a concept drawn from politics) other than the cross, other than the gospel. It is not that they deny the gospel. If pressed, they will emphatically endorse it. But their point of self-identification, the focus of their minds and hearts, what occupies their interest and energy is something else” (The Cross and Christian Ministry, p. 63).

This reminds me that I'm still waiting for several books from D.A. Carson over at Paperback Swap. I may need to actually BUY a book soon.{G}

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