Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Since I'm sharing thoughts I've gleaned on the web.....here's a devotional that I have shared with a few others. We've all found it meaningful. A disclaimer...I find much I agree with and much I disagree with when reading Nancy Campbell's website and studies. Basically I agree with many of her convictions but I personally feel that she rips many verses completely out of context to prove her point. As a long time inductive student of Scriputure that GRATES on my spirit. I simply share that as my observation. I believe you WILL find much of benefit on the Above Rubies site. I suppose my main "beef" with Nancy Campbell (other than the context thing) is that there seems to be an attitude that "all Godly women will live life with my convictions" and I so believe that God deals with us as individuals. We won't all be cookie cutter women, wives, mothers..... Since I DO share many of Nancy's convictions, I've enjoyed surfing this website for practical ideas and encouragement as I walk out my convictions.

In this devotional (and all the devotionals I've read have been excellent - there is a giant list that I've not even begun to scratch the surface of) Nancy teaches on SILENCE. She shares three times for us to be silent....in times of unbelief, in times when you think it's not fair, and in times of persecution and ridicule. This was a challenging and encouraging read. Of course, I also think there are times when we are to speak up - and that would be where walking daily by the Spirit becomes crucial.

Exodus 14:14 Knox, “It is the Lord that will do battle for you; your part is silence.”

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