Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photobucket Hands and Hearts Sale!

I've written before here and here and here about the living history kits that Jeff and Kate Estes sell. (Click the picture of their son Noah in the side bar for prayer updates).

I won't go on and on again - other than to say that these living history kits have made hands on projects MUCH more doable in our home. If you use Tapestry of Grace, (BTW if you decide to order from TOG - click the link in my sidebar first and I'll get some change LOL) you WILL have instructions and books to show you how to do many projects. I simply find that I actually DO THEM if I have all the supplies on hand. I add Jeff and Kate's kits to whatever we are studying. I no longer feel guilty about this as one of my mottos is "resource your weakness". Yes, I know that that isn't the EXACT motto that my friend Lee made famous, she says "Invest in your Weakness"...but that's MY air force version before I heard Lee say it. ::snort::

Resource Your Weakness - this is profound. Instead of getting more and more Lit (which I love), I've begun to spend my dollars for hands on and Math tools (last year a totally new program for all) because those are MY weak areas. I need easy materials or hands on won't happen. When life gets busy, I skip hands on projects (or math). My young ones still love hands on projects (not math so much)....and I need to work with Zander's wiggles.

BOTTOM LINE - Hands and Hearts is having a subscriber only sale. These kits are 15% off if you order before 5 May. AND you get a free toob with your order of each kit. I'm quite sure the toobs aren't strictly needed - but I planned to order the history kits next year anyway. ::snort:: There are several other products "Marmees Kitchen Primer", "folder books" for 15% off.

I cannot give you the link to this sale...but if you go here and subscribe to The Handprints and Heartbeats newsletter, you will be sent the subscriber only sale too....and if you plan to order these for next year - 15% off is a nice perk. I plan to order all the kits that will go along with "Middle Ages", "Reformation", "Colonial America" and "Revolutions".

OK I know this isn't a real update...but I'm working on it.....I must SLEEP today to kick a 2 day long migraine and I'll update as I have time. This does have lots of links - that earns me some points - right? ::snort::



Anonymous said...

De'Etta, I found your blog as a link from another blog I read, and while my life is nothing like yours, I don't homeschool, and I don't have 9 children(bless you), I have found your blogs a delight to read and very peaceful. I just wanted to say that I hope you were able to sleep off your migraine, they can get really awful I know.
I'm a busy mom of 3, and I am an example of God's work in progress...ha ha.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks for your kind words, Anita.