Saturday, June 14, 2008

Photobucket I Need a Scrapbook Intervention!

First the good news. I finished transferring 2 more little magnetic albums last night at PWOC Project night. The last two little ones.

Unfortunately, I now have 20 of this size to transfer.
And then photos from 2002 - current. AND I have an album where I put photos friends send. I should update that. I also have an album with the few BIG professional photos we've had done. I should collect old photos and get them in there too. ::snort::

Here are the albums I've completed. The first two on the left now house the albums mom had made for me years ago. They are the two naked albums that I've done. Then I have the fussy albums that cover 1998 - 2002 (there are 6, I'm not sure where the other went). Then nothing. ::snort::
~You can see one of the albums is the backless kind. I think I may use one of the coversets I have and put the pages in a new one.

~Also - in 1998 the advice was 45 pages in an album. Compare the size of the pink one on the right with the purple one on the left...the pages in the 45 pagers have some that "stick out" - they aren't even from the front. I'm contemplating starting with the 2nd purple album and removing 5 pages from each.....making them a bit skinnier....and again I'd put them in a coverset I have here. Is it worth the trouble?

Then when I opened the first magnetic album I kept for msyelf I found MORE graduation photos - which I need to insert in the album I finished last night. I also found a coverset with Mickey Mouse on the front....and the only Disney World/Land photos I think I have are from when I was maybe I should take all the pages out of the purple one and put them in the DW album.

The very first album I did was in a Pioneer album. I had three of them. I noticed it was yellowing and wrote the company. They said they'd never heard of this before. End of discussion. I discovered this.... and they are both yellowing too.
The posts have broken. This is the PWOC album from Elemendorf AFB. I think I will take the pages out and mount them in a new CM album... I am SOLD on Creative Memory albums. I have to do something. I do not plan to rescrap all the yellowing albums....yet. Maybe when I'm "current". No, do not tell me to take those albums apart - I won't. ::snort:: I will mount these on CM pages and put them in an album that isn't falling apart. They fit perfectly. That will use another coverset I have here.
Maybe I'll do these chores before I start any more transferring. That will give me time to think. I was planning to go from a "naked" to a "modest" album with my next I'm sort of used to the naked.....and I'm not sure what I want to do. AND the digital ones are downright fussy....but that's fine for those I did....I will aim for simpler from here on it. I think I'll go fussy on my PWOC albums. ::snort:: Smilebox came out with a really cute Father's Day 12 x 12 design today....and it has titles for brothers or what not too. I will be using it.

I was going to remove all the photos from one magnetic album at a time - but I noted that they are STICKY and so when I stack them together they I'd best leave them in the album until ready to put them in a new one.

I did have lots of coversets I needed to buy pages for. If I remove pages from 5 of those FAT albums that will use one. I need to redo the PWOC Elmendorf album. That will use one. I need to redo the friends from afar album, that will take one. Put the backless one into a new coveret and that takes another one. I think I'm going to end up with more PAGES than I need and have to buy a coverset. I can't seem to even the title states....I NEED A SCRAPBOOK INTERVENTION!



Anonymous said...

Hey there -- congrats on finishing so many album pages! I'm way behind on working on ours. This blogging thing has taken priority, and I keep saying..."maybe one day I'll get to it...." Then another year has passed. I have a PWOC album for McPherson as well with some great photos of conferences and stuff.

Have fun!

Cynthia said...

Ok. THAT made my head spin... as if it wasn't already spinning. I should post *MY* problem.. it's in SORTING pictures!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! That looks like a lot of work, but a labor of love I'm sure. I get such a joy out of looking at old pictures. I am not in as deep as you, but I do have many photos in photo safe boxes that I need to do something with. Maybe one of these days when I get my craft closet sorted (along with the rest of my closets!) LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Heather - you know you can join us monthly for a free spot to work at the PWOC project night, right? ::snort::

Really, that is what is helping me to get things done again.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Oh oh - if Cindy's head is spinning I'm hopeless. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Mel - blogging is my priority as well. I do plan to do THIS PWOC photos with smilebox, print them out and slide them in. I think I'll keep a PWOC albums now that I have the EAFB one. The Malmstrom photos won't be in it....but I have to start somewhere. LOL Hmmm....maybe I can mount the photos of PWOC from Malmstrom in to a CM album - they are that top loading stuff I want them in our family life albums - which they are a big part of famil life or in a seperate album...I don't know. LOL

Linda said...

I gave up on the CM straphinge albums...had to many problems loading pages and got tired of cutting pages down to their not-quite 12 x 12...I went to post bound or 3 ring and never looked back!

Debbie said...

I am so confused! :-p I will just assume that you know what you sure sounds like a lot!

Sometimes I think we were better off before we had so many choices.