Thursday, July 24, 2008

HELP ME.....

Mike is gone this week and will be home Monday. He's at an Assembly of God Chaplain conference. No, we aren't Assembly of God, but they graciously invited chaplains from smaller denominations to attend their conference. It's all geared to the unique needs of chaplains. I'm praying he runs into old friends, makes new friends, and most of all is spiritually and physically refreshed and renewed during this time away.

The thing is: I'm home alone. I have plenty of things to do on "the list". I am focused.....but I'm also seeing how well this points tracking spreadsheet is working for me....and I'm thinking maybe, just maybe I should look into weight watchers...but flex or core? Who knows....and really I'm LOSING weight last week and this week without attending a meeting...but I like groups of people. ::snort:: AND I just discovered there are over 1395 WW items on auction at ebay....lots of the starter kits with the books and such that everyone I'm very tempted to order the starter kit and continue on my own way....with points tracking, produce eating, Christian Weight Loss Support Yahoo group, gym and possibly the base meetings if I can ever break away at lunch....that's just it....they are Friday at 11:30 and it won't work for me. But it certainly is the key that I'm missing....local support....weekly hearing NEW or old but fresh info about nutrition, health, exercise.....and I think WW may add that....but I don't have the $ for long as I'm working the program without joining and losing, I guess I should keep that up....and I can buy the cool logo totes on ebay. ::snort::

The spreadsheet is cool - though I messed up the formulas....really I like that better than a paper food journal anyway..... but those books with food counts already figured, the motivational DVDs.....but then again most of the counts listed will not be food I eat....

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KarenW said...

Stick with what you're doing since it's working and save your money for a new outfit! : ) Congratulations on your weight loss.

Kelly said...

Hi De'Etta,

I like flex points much better than Core. I need boundaries. If I could eat healthy foods, only when I'm hungry and stop when I am satisfied, why would I need WW? LOL

I liked the weekly accountability of the meetings. Getting on the scale and having another person record that. But the meetings themselves? I got the same, and better, support from WW Yahoo groups or the WW thread on the Sonlight boards. I could get support there every day, kwim?

I have a link for a points calculator online. It's at home. I'm at the lake. I'll email it to you tonight or tomorrow. It is just like the slidy thing you buy from WW. You put in the fat, fiber and calories and it calculates the points for you. And a food companion book is nice. But don't buy a dining out one. You can go to most any restaurant site, look up nutritional info and put that info into the points calculator that I'll send the link for, and calculate points.

Linda said...

I'm with Kelly - Flex is better than core (for me, anyway). But I also really need the support and accountability of going to meetings each week (it's the only thing that keeps me motivated).

And when Kelly sends you that points calculator, can you send me the link?

And like I said - I do have some extra books...just email me your addy, I'll send them!

Debbie said...

D, I did really well on ww without going to meetings (lost 25 lbs.), but I couldn't keep it off. I think the meetings might have helped. I never could find a local meeting at a good time, so there you have it.

I'm glad it is working for you.