Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leadership Weekend

PWOC Leadership Weekend is held annually in each region. I have heard this called "President's Weekend" and only Presidents attended. In Central Region the executive board from each installation is invited. Our region rocks. The cost of lodging and meals are covered. The idea is for this to be training for new boards about to take office for a year of ministry.

Here are a few glimpses:

Thursday night, as the regional board arrived, we went to Carol's home for dinner. While there we helped her assemble gifts to pass out at LW. To the left is Diane (our VP), Kristen (Keynote speaker), Judy (Titus 2).

Carol, our fearless leader

Deb (Titus 2) speaking about team building

PWOC Moment - that moment when you see an old friend across the roomPWOC moment
Hmmm...I know I'm animated when teaching Bible Studies, when speaking at retreats - but REALLY, WHAT COULD CAUSE ONE TO BE SO ANIMATED when talking about the INTERNET??? ::snort::
The above photos convinced me it was time to lose weight and cut my hair. I suppose when you stalk around taking photos someone is sure to grab the photo and snap some of you....these are compliments of Deb.
Kristen - our special guest
Board doing an impromptu "skit" about the International Conference
Ft. Leavenworth has the most wonderful stain glass windows all around the sanctuary and foyer. The tops show scenes from the life of Christ and the bottoms show military scenes. Here's a sample.

It was a great weekend and I learned much. Not only from our "speakers" but from simply interacting with other godly leaders; from both the local and regional levels.

©2008 D.R.G.


Anonymous said...

Hey, looky! It's people I know!

But honestly.
I can get animated when talking about the internet. What? They didn't get it? I totally get it....but then again, I'm an obsessive blogger. And now the truth is out.

Jodi said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all!

Anonymous said...

those windows are beautiful. I really appreciate such things now that I worked with students in the glass/graphics class some.

l/p Mom T