Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PhotobucketDay 7 – Softball, Window Shopping, Caching

I did another load of laundry and read the Word while it dried.

Josiah made French toast etc for the crew this a.m. Krista packed a lunch while the littles and I cleaned the trailer and campsite and got a roast into the crock pot.

This is our last day with the entire family together.

We drove into Westcliffe. The plan was for the littles and boys to play softball at the park while the “girls” went shopping. We got a call saying that Stacia was heartbroken at the park. We went and got her and spent 1 ½ hours having a girl shopping trip while the boys entertained themselves at the park.

Then we had a picnic. Tried for a “full circle” family photo in a meadow.

We used to love to play kickball as a family. We spent another hour or two playing kickball. Fun memories of past days and a new memory made.


We decided to hunt for one more cache. You must KNOW that I was dressed for shopping – including my sandals. I KNEW this would not be easy – with a name like Rainbow Trail #8 and cautions that the owner used ATV’s and horses when placing the cache…and would recommend we do the same but it was accessible on foot. ::snort:: The camera died and I have no photos. The view was GORGEOUS!!!! The hike was “fun”. The cache was an easy find. The hike was not so easy in my "shopping sandals". I've finally learned a key that will help me greatly: when going ANYWHERE with Mike I will put in my hiking shoes....always prepared. ::snort:: Josiah blessed my heart greatly by carrying Stacia the whole way...and staying back to make sure we made it o.k.

We came back and enjoyed roast, veggies, salad, fruit and biscuits.

We tried for the “full circle” photo in the tent.

Mike set up the telescope and we enjoyed awesome views of the moon, Venus, and various stars.

Mike and I sat out late at night and watched a meteor shower.

©2008 D.R.G.

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