Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Photobucket Day 3 photos

I thought it would be easier to simply post photos seperately than to try go back and imbed them in blog entries. {Ed note - Dorothy when I mention run - if it's Mike and the boys they may really have been running....if the whole family is along it's a figure of speech. LOL}

I was SHOCKED to find that we DO have wi fi at fam camp. I'm not going to spend a lot of time answering emails etc...but if you need to reach us - I can check in at least daily. I'll post photos as I have time.

Jamin begins each a.m. at camp as he does at home - editing his second novel.
jamin edits
At the head of Rainbow Trail Stacia INSISTS she carry the caching bag AND she can “do it myself” when asked if she wants to be carried.
do it myself
only way to hike

Jamin watches from afar with a self-satisfied smile as we continue to search for the cache he’s found.
Jamin finds first cache
Bre and Stacia crack us up by singing as they walk along, Stacia loves having someone else around who sings all the time. ::snort::

When we all found the first find, we were given the coordinates for the second step of this cache.

The rain can’t dampen the beauty.

Arielle finds the second cache first! It was now POURING!

Krista and Nolan find a cache in a park that we returned to on Monday.


Seating is at a premium....we laughed when Cy took his chair with him to get seconds on dinner.
chairs at a premium

Still choosing joy while learning how to cook in a kitchen that defines "tiny". ::snort::

"my boys"
my boys

Ah....bed time...

©2008 D.R.G.


Debbie said...

Ah, love the photos. You all are having such a terrific time...what memories you are making.

Linda said...

You camping women amaze me! To me, the whole cooking on the road thing is way more work than staying at home and cooking and does NOT define a vacation. If have an IRL friend who does this also. She is an amazing, natural cook, and feeds her family well while camping. I'm a "by the recipe" cook and could never do that (and I add, nor do I WANT to)! LOL!

Diann said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us. It looks like you all are having a great time despite the rain you have had.