Friday, August 22, 2008

Photobucket Going Home - 20 Aug

The second day of our return trip took us from the panhandle of TX back to Western TX. From plush grace and friendly ants to cockleburs and fire ants and HEAT! I must admit that the mid 90's we've come home to are much nicer than the 109* that we left behind. ::snort::

Our trip home was shadowed by our new Adventures in Odyssey volumes.

Amarillo, TX
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I had to delete all the photos of Zander helping Mike at various gas stations. They ALL clearly show our license number.....

Our gas here is $3.45 a gal - a full .55 cheaper than when we left. I'm not sure if we should be excited that it is down to $3.45 or appalled that it is over $2.99. ::snort:: The only place that Mike has seen cheaper gas than here in W. TX is in MO. LOL

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Diann said...

I only wish our diesel prices were $4.09! It is nice that fuel prices have gone down, but sad that we are so excited to still pay around $4 for it!

Debbie said...

We are still much higher here in the northeast, but we are under $4.

Anonymous said...

We came home to gas 10 cents higher than when we left for vacation. It was at $4.36/gal unleaded. Some places in AK we paid over $5.00 a gallon on the road.

Jen said...

You can always edit out your liscense number with paint or something like that. Our prices up here in eastern MO aren't much cheaper than that.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

OUCH Darshia! LOL

Jen - I know, but I never have time to photo shop photos.... these are a naturale. LOL

Anonymous said...

HOW NEAT the foto of the kids on the same deer Mike once had a foto on.

Come to Eugene and we'll get you all on the whale at Skinner's butte.

Those are awesome foto's of the animals. I'm with animals.

l/p mom t

Emily said...

This is how I felt when we found gas for $3.36 in Missouri. I couldn't believe I was happy to see that price LOL