Friday, August 22, 2008

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THANK YOU! I know that those 3 who have made this happen do not want me to name names - so I won't.....but I shared a few weeks ago that Jared was looking for jobs to earn the last 50% of his way to World View Academy. He earned all his money last year - and planned to do the same this year. School took us further into the summer than we expected. He had other obligations. We went on vacation.

Several of you sent donations. Today was the kicker! I knew it was coming but hadn't said a word to Jared. This is the moment he realized that there was signifcantly more money in the envelope than he expected. He now has all $600 he needs for World View.


The boys and Mike and I were talking this afternoon about how sometimes God wants you to work hard and earn your $ for missions trips or dreams He deposits...and sometimes He wants to use the body to meet those deeds as you remain faithful in other areas where He has placed you.

The boys cracked us up by Jamin telling his lesson in faith from last year. Please know that we TELL the boys we will always pay 50% of any of these things that we can. The boys, however, are aware of "the budget" and have taken to paying 100% for this, CAP, CWG, writing conferences etc.

It seems that when Jamin was trying to earn money to attend last year the mower kept breaking. It had broken 3x in one day and he got frustrated, kneeled down in the middle of the road and asked God to DO SOMETHING about the mower. That afternoon Ian and Becky called and gave him a new mower. Isn't that cool?

Thanks to all who gave to Jared - you've blessed our entire family.

©2008 D.R.G.


Anonymous said...


How truly awesome! G'Pa and I are PTL for your fortune. HE is so good!

Will continue praying that your time at World View Academy will be a huge blessing to you and you will learn so much!!

God bless you,

love/prayers your2G's

Emily said...

God is always so gracious and timely!