Thursday, October 09, 2008

Photobucket Delicious Secrets

Have you ever had a secret that was so delicious you simply savored it for a bit of time? I have and I did. I'm now ready to share. I want this entry to be "just right" and so I've pondered what to say. Life has been crazy and I've not had time to THINK.....but perfect or not....I'm ready to share our delicious secret. (Is this making you hungry for chocolate cheesecake yet?) If you skip this post, at least go read Mike's Chapel funnies at the end of the post.

Observant blog readers may have wondered WHY in the midst of photos of Pike's Peak, children, Rocky Mountains, castles and such I included THIS photo:


Wellllll.....this is one of my favorite vacation photos. Though this is a close second...


Wait - I'm in danger of going down vacation memory lane. ::snort:: A couple of years ago we met a young man while at a denominational conference. David phoned Mike in August.....and yes, Mike had a checklist. David specifically talked with Mike about our daughter, BreAnne. No, I am not going to share details - yet. Yes, Mike was a bit tough on poor David...but then Mike takes his role as Papa Bear very seriously...and his daughters are precious treasures.

David and BreAnne talked in September and they are now officially in a relationship - courting. We are pleased. David sent us a list of their boundaries. This prompted me to decide to create a "courtship boundary animated graphic" before I blogged about the relationship. I can picture it. A photo of you mouse over the photo various sayings would pop up: "Yes", "not a chance", "her Brothers are boarding a plane", "Papa Bear is knocking on your door".....BUT I researched and found that it would take a lot of TIME and I may have it ready by the time I annouce that Stacia (3) is courting. BreAnne has called and talked with his mother and requested her blessing on their relationship. They have an accountability couple which they meet with weekly. They have the blessing of the leadership at Master's Commission and YES...they have our blessing as well.


Bre & David on a Ferris Wheel in WA

This is a sweet season. I can remember years and years ago when we first began to rethink the "dating scene". As parents, we took quite a few hits. Many thought we were STRANGE; MANY STILL think we are strange. Many thought we were unrealistic. We NEVER told the girls they couldn't date - we simply presented a different vision for relationships. Our young adults take quite a few hits from peers during their "teen" years. Bre, as the first, blazed the way. I remember the talks we had and the questions and concerns she voiced...HOW would she MEET a like-minded young man who wanted to court her when we were in the MILITARY (not a hot-bed for courtship ideals)? The comment thrown at our young adults most often is, "What, you think God is just going to BRING boy/girl to you?" He seems to be capable of doing just that.

We ask for your prayers for David and BreAnne as they explore this relationship. In a hilarious side note - Mike has to be the only man who can ask for prayers for a daughter in courtship one Sunday at chapel and the next announce that his youngest daughter is potty trained and we are diaper free for the first time in 23 years. (Hmmmm.....Bre's going to kill me for inserting the vision diapers into her courtship post ::snort:: ::chortle::).


David & BreAnne - Careful observation of this photo leads one to notice that he has placed his arm around her shoulder.....making me wonder if it is time to create that animated graphic afterall. Nah, I'm going to send her my burqa.
So....that's all the exciting secrets from our home this evening.

©2008 D.R.G.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing, proud mama!
makes my five, 6-18, seem not so far apart - oh, but they are!!

many congrats -- esp. for the results of the childtraining.

life stops for childtraining, ya know....

those potty-training days -- whoa -- behind us -- and still a heart for q.f. even if our "baby" is almost 7....

Debbie said...

What a great post!

Anonymous said...

Aww, congratulations! What fun news!


Anonymous said...

This is the most wonderful news! I'm glad you savored it before sharing. Congratulations Bre and David!

Kelly said...

De'Etta, that is so incredibly exciting!! And I don't think a burqa would help right now LOL.

Your family is going to be growing by leaps and bounds in the years to come. Spouses, grandchildren. What a sweet heritage!

Anonymous said...


Nice guy! Bre and David joined us for dinner tonight at one resturant. Very enjoyable. They are a nice couple. Heather asked if we embarassed her at the resturant and NO! Good! :):)


Mom T

Michele said...

Congratulations! What exciting news!


berrypatch said...

Congrats! Thank you for sharing how your family is doing this. It is giving me much to think on for when our boys get older.

Jodi said...

Bdeing one who is ust about mid way in her parenting journey I can still remember the excitement of a potty trained child while noticing that it won't be "forever" before I too have chidren old enough to court.

It's all exciting but special congratulations to BreAnne and David!

Romany said...

And what lovely memories of your own courtship it must bring!

This stage of parenting is challenging me. So far, w've fended off interest in dd, but then she is still not quite 18. Eventually, I guess, we may have to relent! LOL! Praying that God sends just the right people to your children.

Cynthia said...

Exciting news, indeed! Congratulations to Bre & David!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! thanks for sharing this wonderful news.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm happy for them and everything, but I thought you were going to announce you were pregnant! Since you got your youngest potty trained, now would be the time. Hmmmm. Congratulations to Stacia AND BreAnn/David. Blessings to you all

Paula said...

Congratulations to everyone, so much excitement--those days look a looong ways ahead right now. The courtship/potty training juxtaposition made me laugh. I think my youngest BIL was a baby when his oldest sister got married--now he's looking forward to having his oldest niece at the the college with him!