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For Young Men Only: A Guy's Guide to the Alien Gender - Jeff Feldhahn & Eric Rice with Shaunti Feldhahn
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Publisher's Summary:
The best-selling ONLY series returns with a one-of-a-kind guide for teen guys on how to figure out girls

Drawing on a fresh national survey of 600 teen girls, as well as hundreds of personal interviews, For Young Men Only reveals the real truth about what teenage girls think, what they want, and how average teen guys can build healthy friendships with high quality girls. Full of surprising revelations and practical advice, For Young Men Only delivers help straight from the girls themselves in a fun, easy-to-read, easy-to-talk about format.

Warm, witty, and honest, authors Jeff Feldhahn and Eric Rice tell plenty of personal stories and draw on solid biblical principles to guide young guys through the often daunting world of the opposite sex. Their goal is to help teen guys build self-confidence and understanding, and show them how to pursue a relationship with a girl while giving her the respect and protection she deserves.
My Take: Hmmm...I did find the authors warm and witty. I did find this to be an easy read. The book does have some information that could be useful to young men. The book did have encouraging and surprising results from the survey of teen girls.
I need to say up front that our family does not buy into the whole "guy/girl dating" thing as it's practiced in our society. I think the practice of giving your heart away, knowing that there is no future in the relationship as most 15 yo's will not marry, simply sets us up to jump in and out of relationships. We can also end up with scars and baggage that we end up carrying into future relationships. I know, I know.....but that's our family's view. We have not told our children they cannot date...but they have all chosen (to this point) to wait to enter into relationships. I believe that God desires not only physical purity but emotional purity for singles....and so I found this book to be jarring because the premise is that normal teens will spend much time thinking about the opposite gender. I simply don't know that a young teen NEEDS to be spending quite so much time trying to figure out what girls want or don't want...and I think how they treat women, how they form their views of what women think and want, should come from the Bible and not from a survey of "600 teen girls" - who to be honest - don't always KNOW WHAT THEY WANT to begin with. ::snort:: I did NOT find anything that I would say was "anti-Scriptural" but the advice given to young men IS based on the survey and the support for the advice given IS quotes from young teen girls.
One other thing that I didn't appreciate in this book is the fact that we are told "girls want" or "girls think" or "when a girl does this..." These sorts of books where an author tells you "women think", "men mean"; I, personally, find to be counter-productive. I remember a couples home group we were leading. We were using a popular marriage book. Finally, one man got brave enough to say, "I feel like the authors are beating up men. I also don't believe that the authors can speak for ALL men." He had a point. Now....I realize that speaking for all men/women IS the premise of these books. I did, however, find myself thinking, "No, not all girls are going to think that way." LOL
I DID like the writing style of the authors. I DO think that a young man will not go wrong applying the wisdom in this book. If you have a young man who is dating, this would be a recommended book for him. If you have a young man who is of the age to seriously be thinking of finding a wife - I would recommend this book. If you are a single mom and want a bridge to discuss some of these issues, I would recommend this book. A lot of it seemed to me to be the sort of advice that a father would give a son.

Author Bio:
Jeff Feldhahn is an attorney and the owner of the tech company, World2One. With his wife, Shaunti, he wrote the best selling FOR MEN ONLY.

Eric Rice is the owner/director/producer of 44 Films. Eric lives in Atlanta area with his wife, Lisa, and their four teenage children.

Shaunti Feldhahn is a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, public speaker, and best-selling author whose books include FOR WOMEN ONLY, FOR YOUNG WOMEN ONLY (with Lisa Rice) and FOR PARENTS ONLY.

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Pam's Pride said...

This sounds like a great read....I have four far...and one just turned 13 so I would be a great resource!

Debbie said...

This sounds like a great book. I have 3 boys - the oldest being 12. It is hard to imagine any of my boys 'liking a girl' but I suppose it will happen one day - hopefully not until they are at least 30. Just kidding. I think it will be good to start reading on boy/girl relationships so I can be prepared for it when it happens.

Becki said...

I would be interested to read this book. I dated around my dh did not. We've seen both sides and he's had to deal with alot from me(thankfully he loves me and God's Grace is sufficient!). But with a son about to turn 13, I like to read as much as I can. Thanks.