Thursday, October 09, 2008

Photobucket Lapbooks!

We have tried to do these before with limited success. We are currently making a lapbook on Knights and another on the Voting Process and the younger boys are enjoying them. I think the key is that Jared and Arielle are not participating with us this year. ::snort::

Here are some photos of our ongoing project on knights!

We made these little booklets about various weapons.
We're making a "book log" and the pocket has new vocabulary words written on shields.
This book shows where Knights lived and where We live.
This has been a fun week for us as we've been able to spend our time on hands on science and lapbooks. We really COULD do this more often instead of all the "reading stuff".....
The hang up on the last lapbook we made is that the "folders" were to be a bit more elaborate and I could NOT figure them out. The booklets remained in a basket. NOW I have a local friend whose children showed me the lapbooks they made (Hey, Lois) and I think if I get stuck she can show me how to make the silly folders "expand". LOL

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Paula said...

We're working on our first lapbook right now, one about oceans. I think this is a pretty basic one but I had to see one being put together by someone else before I could understand how it was supposed to work.

Debbie said...

Isn't it funny how different kids like or dislike doing this type of thing. Bessie did not like doing them when she was younger, but enjoys them now. Gabe is hot and cold depending on the day, but the Littles love them. It is always something new with each child as you well know. Have fun!

Anonymous said...


All looks like a lot of fun to me.

Mom T