Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Photobucket Hot & Cold Water

Yes, we did another science experiment today. I don't KNOW how the boys and I got ahead but I'm glad we did. We are enjoying a week of lots of hands on activities. I hesitate to share our science speculations sheets as we are NOTORIOUS (or I am) for having science plans go awry...but we seem to be doing o.k. I'm not sure we ALWAYS hit on the right solution but we ARE following the steps and recording what happens. ::snort::

Materials Used:
Large Clear Bowl Paper Cup Pen/Nail
Blue & Yellow Food Coloring Spoon Hot & Cold Water

Procedure: (What you will do or what you did)

Fill bowl with hot water. Fill cup with cold water. Punch a hole in cup. Let cup in bowl. Which way does the cold water move as it enters the bowl?
Fill bowl with ice water. Fill cup with hot water. What happens? How is it different? What is this happening?
Based on this experiment, which is heavier: hot water or cold water?

Hypothesis: (What you think will happen and why)
Zander – The waters will mix up.

Nolan – I think they’ll be on top of each other. The cold will be at the bottom.

Arielle – I think the same as Nolan (Arielle gets to guess first next time! LOL)

Results: (What actually happened)
When we mixed cold water into hot water…it all mixed together but the yellow (cold) dropped quickly to the bottom – mixing colors (temps) on the way down.
When we mixed hot water into the cold water…the hot swirled around the top more before mixing with the cold water. The layers of the water were more noticeable when we put hot water into ice water.

Conclusion: (What have you learned)
Cold water is heavier than hot water. Blue and yellow make green and if you mix red and blue with it too you get black!

Close observation is necessary for any true Scientist.

Unexpected lesson for the younger bunch: mixing all the colors makes new colors! I really do enjoy the one room school house experience. LOL (We do keep food dye around for science - note we keep Zander away from ingesting or touching it with his allergies).

Lunch Break seems to be a good to time to upload quick updates....now to remember to EAT LUNCH! ::snort:: Oh SHOOT - now KOA is saying our family is too big to stay at their site....I'm on the phone...we shall see.

©2008 D.R.G.


Paula said...

I love the way you tell your story with pictures. It looks like you were all having so much fun.

Anonymous said...

I like this experiement! The pictures help us to see how it works and if we would want to use it with our own children! Thanks!

Jodi said...

You're having a great week, fun, fun!

I needed food coloring for something in our history curriculum last week. I realized that I am going to need to keep some on hand for crafts and experiements. We had to skip the project for lack of food coloring!

Cynthia said...

I didn't realize (or had forgotten) that we're doing the same science this year! You'll soon pass us because we're taking side trips this year in science to coordinate some things with the history we're studying.... levers, simple machine, incline planes, etc.... We're adding things like that from the ancient science book here and there throughout the year.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was not only a great day for science and school.... looks like it was a super fun day.


Mom T

Anonymous said...

We've started Apologia Zoology 2, too. Love it. :-)