Tuesday, October 07, 2008

PhotobucketMini - Gyres

We find ourselves with a light history week and we're 2 weeks ahead in lit. This is the perfect time to do all the hands on activities from module one in Zoology 2. We made the following pages for our notebook - photos are embedded where the step is discussed in the real thing. LOL

Scientific Speculation Sheet

Name _____________________________ Date ___6 Oct__________

Experiment Title ________Making a Mini-Gyre____________________

Materials Used:
2 blow dryers
Casserole dish

Procedure: (What you will do or what you did)
Blow air opposite directions along the side of the dish. Sprinkle Cheerios on top.

Hypothesis: (What you think will happen and why)
We thought they would go in circles. Because the water is going in different directions, because the air is going in different directions, that will make the Cheerios go in a circle.

Ocean currents do this and it is called a gyre.

Results: (What actually happened)
The Cheerios eventually went around in a circle.

Conclusion: (What have you learned)
When the air blows from opposite directions over water it creates a gyre.



Note: Zander is engaged! LOL

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Anonymous said...


Think I would have used milk and then when done put sugar in and ate the experiment. Cheerios is the only cereal I can eat a bit soggy.


Mom T

Cynthia said...

Did you make up your speculation sheet? I never get around to making any of those.