Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jared Goes Shopping

Nativity does the Conga line
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Today was Jared's day of shopping. One of the things we love about a small town is running into Josiah when we are out and about. ::snort:: I saw him at the end of the aisle and told Jared I felt like I was in one of "those" movie scenes. I threw my arms wide and started towards Josiah. He laughed. JARED then threw his arms wide and actually started RUNNING towards Josiah. Josiah turned down and aisle and Jared followed. This is right after Josiah punched Jared. Guess running beach scenes are NOT cool, Jared. ::snort::
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Jared and his gifts
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Yes, I did do other things today. I cleaned a closet! Deja told me that the closet could have waited until after Christmas....she doesn't KNOW that I can't relax when the closets are a mess. I don't mind if there is clutter and chaos but the closet needs to be organized. The funny thing is that as soon as I finished, I was fixing lunch for the younger ones and opened the PANTRY DOOR.....Jared put away co-op last night for me...all stacked on the floor in a big tower of boxes. I resisted.

I had a great lunch with Jared. We talked about his goals. He's really interested in politics and would like to make a career in politics. He loves it here and plans to come back some day. We also talked about the upcoming move......but I held myself together admirably (a strategic coughing fit helped). I'm glad that Jared is such good friends with Josiah and Jamin.

I really don't remember what else I did because I went from one thing to the other all day. ::snort:: The second batch of Christmas cards came so I addressed another batch to mail out. LOL

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Anonymous said...

Jared.... how about telling us what all you got for people.... your bags look so full of fun and love.

Sis: Bre and her group helped out at Calvary yesterday and etc.

Tell Alexander we have his 2 padlocks he gave us last year for Christmas hanging in place so we see them all the time......... he is a good gift buyer.

We also hang each Christmas the manger scene and Christmas tree pictures Krista and Josiah drew for us one year... or was it Bre. Thought I'd never foget.... hope someone in your family remembers. :):):) I'm still young!! at heart that is. :):)

l/p Mom T

Cynthia said...

LOL about the running on beach.. I can imagine that might be embarassing in a department store (LOL). And.. I TOTALLY GET the cleaning closet thing. It's because you need a quick sense of accomplishment of SOMETHING even when more pressing things are waiting. I KNOW that because I do the same thing. Drives my family nuts when I'm organzing the winter coat closet when I'm supposed to be packing for a trip to the Carribean or FL or somewhere (LOL)... makes no sense to them (or me either for that matter), but it's how I operate.... So I get it!