Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We spent most the days with me working on bookwork, Mike in the office and doing invocations, and the older kids working on Scholarship and FAFSA things. Josiah got called in to work (he was surprised to find a scholarship for people over 6 ft 2 in). Jamin went to work.

When Mike got home we had dinner.

We played games....Twister

Jared has a "unique" - some say cheating - way of stretching across the mat... Photobucket

It's a Tango Line....

Didn't last long....

Manly hug - beat the stuffing out of each other

We take glee in certain competitive players discomfort ::snort::

"Hmmmm....is this a new sister thing," Stacia wonders?Photobucket

We moved on to Charades - Zander's always include several ferocious animals, hunters and fights... and we never guess them quite right. ::snort::


Windshield Wipers

Krista leaves tomorrow afternoon. Grrrr.....

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Debbie said...

Fun, fun family times. I missed commenting on Stacia and Zander at church...what a riot. Sorry, but it must have been hilarious.

Cynthia said...

FUN TIMES! Sorry the time has gone so fast....

Anonymous said...

Sis: Well, you have LOTS of fun things to remember and ponder on. You will NEVER forget this time together. We still put the foto of your last Christmas in Mangagoy with our family and Marge/Celia (also in the foto) on each Christmas and it means something special to Dad/I. You are holding Nathaniel..... After this Christmas we were never again just our family with all kids at home. Think you have hit that spot almost. BUT OH, THE MEMORIES THAT ARE SO PLEASANT FOR OH SO MANY YEARS TO COME. BOTH SIDES REMEMBER TOO.

Praying for you all as the kids make most important decisions. Pray for you/Mike as parents as you move on. and on, and on....

What FUN you have all had and thanks so much for keep us up on what is happening.

love/prayers Mom T

Jodi said...

So much fun to see your whole family together again. It does pass too quickly!