Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jared Update

It was a hard lost game.....but they did play into overtime.




Jared is quite colorful this a.m. and refuses to show me the "best bruise". His loose teeth are tightening back up. His nose is still sore...but I don't think it is broken. ::snort::

....and this is FUN? I'm not so sure about the basketball but the visiting was fun. Deja and I....maybe discussing some fans tendency to make a ruckus.....but um...I am not this short in real life. I'm quite sure I'm Deja's height.


OK, lousy photo, but I wanted one of Deja and me.

Cindy, these are taken with the regular smaller lens that comes with the Nikon D70. I do think that if we are going to continue taking sports photos we need to invest in a mongo lens like you did. The big ones gets closer but is fuzzy on sports mode and is hard to focus with action.

Choosing Joy!
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Deja said...

Well, I am quite sure you are this short in real life...I'm 5'8" Perhaps you're shrinking?!

berrypatch said...

I still remember my high school basketball coach asking us all if basketball was a contact sport. Most said, "No" - um, yeah, it is - just not as "contact" as football, but close at times. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Humph! I'm FIVE FOUR and a QUARTER....that's my story. LOL

Anonymous said...

HI: Now just when did you become that height? :):):)

You look great in that foto. I like seeing you and Mike sometimes too.

Wolud sure ike to be at some of Jared's games. Oh Well!

l/p Mom T

Jodi said...

I'm quite sure it's trick photography. I appear far shorter than I really am in photos too. LOL

Cynthia said...

Actually.... I don't use my BIG 100-300 lens because closeness is hard to get anyway when the targets are moving SO FAST! The more important feature, from my limited understanding, is getting the lowest f stop possible that will still allow a decent range. So my new lens for indoor gym photography goes down to a f2.8 and it's a 50-150. I realize I still haven't posted any of the pics I've taken with it. BEWARE that it's heavy. I now have middle finger soreness all the time to the point that I decided I need to use my monopod whenever I plan to shoot an entire game. It's not so heavy if you're just taking a few here and there, but a whole game... hey.. my finger hurts for a WEEK!