Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"I can't believe I did it!"

The day got a wild start.....I didn't go where I expected to go and I DID end up going to do a walk through on the new chapel. They asked me to jot down everything that I thought needed to be fixed. Once you take possession of a new military building you cannot have anything fixed for a year. I found 3 pages of things I think they need to address. BUT the new chapel is going to be beautiful and such a GIANT leap up in comfort etc.....though I hate to see our old WW2 chapel go.

ANYWAY - I didn't think we'd get school done - but we did. AND I got to hear the above title too.... Zander finished his knight book. Yes, the lapbook is properly folded and off the vise.

Cover - he was so excited he went for my camera and took the photo himself. LOL



Our finished lapbook from Unit 1. I had to drag Zander to sit and work on this, but he is very pleased with the finished product. Maybe he'll be more interested in future ones?

Meanwhile, Nolan is feverishly practicing to be able to write his name in cursive in a tiny spot before his 10th birthday - the day he gets his personal military i.d. Yes, I realize most teach this in 3rd grade...but I've discovered that many of my boys are simply not ready for it then. Photobucket

It's been a full day. A great day. I need to go get ready to run to base. This is our second week of our new PWOC study on the Psalms of Ascent. I really love digging into the Psalms. I also love that several ladies have asked how to make the study "deeper" than the written study. YES!

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

Theresa was unable to write her name in that space - printed or cursive. As stupid as it was, they told Scott to help her and low and behold it looks like her name in his handwriting.

berrypatch said...

Great lapbooks!

Anonymous said...

Excellent job on the lap books!

Sounds like a wonderfully full day. I'm delighted your ladies are enjoying the Psalms of Ascent study. I agree, it needs to go deeper,but still I've enjoyed it.

De'Etta ~ Central's IIC said...

Renee, when Jared couldn't do it they took a big pen and wrote "Child" across the signature line. He had to keep it that way until he was 14 and needed a new card....that has motivated all to work really hard to be able to do it in the space provided. ::snort::

Anonymous said...

HI: Books look very impressibe. Way to go kids!!

Sis, give Dad a call cuzhe talked to Nathaniel and you all might like what Jawo said.

l/p G'Ma t.

Anonymous said...

Cool! David and Daniel would love to do a knights book -- any suggestions?

all in the family said...

Good job DeEtta! I know how much you love lapbooking, hehehe! Proud of you! They look good!

Here are some of my picts!

Jodi said...

Zander looks so proud of his lapbook, that's great!

LOL about the kids wanting to make sure they can sign their name so they don't have child written on their ID.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks all for your kind comments.

Mel - We found the components of our knights books at http://www.homeschoolshare.com/index_lapbooks_master_list.php

They had two different ones and we combined.

The boys have voted to do one on Vikings now....not really interested in artists, reformation figures or explorers...I figure we'll study this time period in another 4 years and do some of those then. LOL