Thursday, January 08, 2009

Texas Driving....

Let me clear this up. ::snort:: ALL students MUST attend a DRIVER'S ED COURSE - and the schools don't teach driver's ed in our district.

You can go to one of the businesses and attend a course ($300 + and given in 2 weeks). I heard the parent taught option was better. You send money, they send you the state approved teach, log hours (teaching and driving), provide affidavits that you taught etc.

At the end of the course (whichever way it is taken) you are given a license. A parent can CHOOSE for a child to take a driver's test.....but most I've met do waive it. What parent would EVER waive a driving test without a lot of confidence that their child was ready for the license? Not I. Included in the packet is a list of what is covered on a skill's test and how they mark it - so really every time he's driven with me has been a skills test. ::snort::

Sorry, if I gave the impression that you walk off the street and get a license. I have blogged repeatedly last year about teaching Jamin to drive and the driving course we received from the State. I much prefer Driver's Ed in a Box, BTW. LOL I was blogging hurriedly yesterday afternoon and figured blog readers would remember other posts and photos and know that Jamin had been in the process of learning to drive for quite some time.

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mel said...

The Georgia DOT has a "Joshua's Law" requirement for some kind of driver's ed before the real license is issued. There are several very expensive courses (typically done in the summer) but also a class at the high schools. Our oldest son chose to do the one online that met all of the state requirements. It cost 1/3 of the in-person classes, and we had to sign a paper saying his driving log was accurate. Does TX have a state-approved course online?

Funny timing. Our daughter began her high school driver's ed course this week.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Melinda - they didn't have an online course but the parent taught worked for us.....they send you the syllabus that the driving courses use and you teach's just a bit clunky. LOL

Cynthia said...

I've wondered about doing Driver's Ed in a box even though our state won't recognize it as a program for getting your license... they only recognize the driver's ed programs taught through the public schools. We went that route with Amanda, but didn't want to do that with Em.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Sorry D'etta,

We're a few years away and I just wasn't paying attention.

My grandmother (now with the Lord) told me about her licensing exam:

She sat in a seat with two pedals. When the green light came on, she pressed to accelerator. When the red light came on she pressed the brake pedal. If she did it quickly enough, she got her license.

That probably would've been in the 30's.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh good grief,

and I've been spelling your name wrong too.