Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yogurt Makers?

Can you move the crock with the towel wrapped milk during the 8 hours that it sits? I was thinking that when I'm done baking bread, cooled the oven off...that I'd like to set it in there with the oven light on. I really, really, really do not want to make another crock of sour milk. I tried every recipe out there when the older 4 kids were little....and they never worked for me. I'd really like to put this in the oven...but now I wonder if it will somehow rebel on me if move it...

I'm not sure it will be a savings to make yogurt if I have to buy a maker - but if I do - have any of you used a maker and which features should I look for?

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Yvonne said...


I have the Salton 1 Quart Yogurt Maker. I bought it for $19.00 about four years ago. I've used it often...hasn't broke down on me yet. : )

I just checked Amazon and it's selling for $24.00 now. I wish they had one where you could make two quarts at a time, because that's really a better size for our family. I've been thinking about getting another...

It is basically a glorified low temperature crock pot. It keeps the milk at just the right temp...for a few hours.

It has made perfect yogurt every time.

You should know that you still have to heat the milk to 180 degrees, pour it into the Salton, stirring in very slowly some starter (I use Dannon's plain), cover and let sit for the alotted time. I've been thinking about training my 10 year old to do it each morning. : )

I have friends who make it in the oven, but I can't seem to do it consistently. I do it well for a time or two, and then I end up with sour milk every few batches. The yogurt maker has made it easier for us.

Still cost effective too...(compared to what you'd pay for individual yogurt cups, for instance.)


Anonymous said...

My friend, Debbie, makes yogurt. Her recipe blog is

Hope this helps.


Deja said...

If you're making this yogurt with your, um $1.00 milk, perhaps you can afford to make a mistake in making yogurt ;-) I don't think it would hurt to move the yogurt, but in my experience it has worked just fine leaving it on my counter.

Lisa in Jax said...

You could move it. I don't think that would harm your yogurt but if it were me, I'd leave it alone.LOL I have a small yogurt maker. It makes 8 cups. That'd be a drop in the bucket for you all.LOL

Stephanie said...

I have one that uses individual glass jars rather than one large one. I got it as a gift, so I'm not sure if I would have purchased a Salton - probably would have. The glass jars are a pain to clean, but it makes perfect yogurt each and every time. If I made flavored yogurt with fruit it would be nice to have the separate jars, but I've never done that so I still think having the Salton would be a better advantage. (Based on the experience of friends and research I did at the time I was planning on buying the Salton.)