Saturday, February 07, 2009

Economic Stimulus Bill Bans "Relgious Worship"?

Yes, our economy needs help. Yes, we need a plan that may actually stimulate the economy. I'm guessing all have heard of the amazing pork in the bill that was passed by the Congress.

Are you aware that there are societal agendas buried in the bill, other than pork? The title above is misleading. No, nothing in the bill bans ALL religious worship - simply religious worship at any public college or university that receives money from this bill. Remember, the courts have defined a simple PRAYER to be religious worship. There are also no stipulations that dorm rooms would be excused from this provision. This provision could lead to a replay of court cases that were won 20 years ago.

The bill passed in the house as written:

The problem in the proposed stimulus bill comes from a provision that states:
"PROHIBITED USES OF FUNDS. - No funds awarded under this section may be used for - (C) modernization, renovation, or repair of facilities - (i) used for
sectarian instruction, religious worship, or a school or department of divinity;
or (ii) in which a substantial portion of the functions of the facilities are
subsumed in a religious mission."

Senator (R SC) "De Mint warned organizations such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Campus Crusade for Christ, Catholic Student Ministries, Hillel and other religious groups would face new bans on access to public facilities that would not apply to other organizations."

Senator De Mint proposed an amendment that would remove these lines from the "stimulus" package. It was defeated. You can read the entire article here. The video clip below is Senator De Mint addressing his colleagues. It's a bit long - but gives a good understanding of what is in this bill our Congress and now Senate are being asked to "rush into law".

Now is the time for Christians to be praying and writing their elected officials about a host of issues...OK I listed five issues I've written my elected officials and the White House about this week...but honestly, I think we ALL need to be in prayer over these issues and simply respond as God leads us. I tend to be a communicator and so have been sending lots and lots of emails in the past few weeks. LOL

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Romany said...

It's sickening how ungrateful a country can be for its Christian heritage and all the blessings which flowed from it.

We are suffering from the same situation in UK universities. But the Christian Unions (similar to CCC) are fighting back, vigorously! The persecution they are facing is bringing out the best in them and I'm praying for a tide to turn!