Saturday, February 07, 2009

Birthdays Galore


2003 - Zander 1, Nolan 4, Jared 9, Jamin 12, Josiah 14....My how the years rush by....

We have 5 boys (and 4 girls). All 5 boys have birthdays between 4 Jan and 20 Feb.

You will have to watch closely to catch all the birthday headers and tributes this week. Friends know that I'm usually fairly frazzled by the end of Feb....but this year I'm doing fine. I'm ahead in Bible Study. We're enjoying life....even with being sick.

We've done various things for birthdays - celebrated each day, celebrated one BIG day, split youngers and olders...this year we were going to celebrate Nolan and Josiah's tomorrow - it may be their last time to share their birthday - but with so many ill we are tentatively planning next weekend.

Preview of our next couple of weeks:

8 Feb - Nolan's birthday

9 Feb - Josiah's birthday

10 Feb - Mom's birthday

11 Feb - Zander's birthday

14 Feb - 25th Wedding Anniversary

20 Feb - Jamin's birthday

Choosing Joy!
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Romany said...

So, you got married on Valentine's Day?

How sweet!

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Oh my the boys have changed so much! Super cute picture of them all together when Zander was a baby.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Jodi - it shocks me to realize that photo was taken just six years ago. It was taken during our last assignment (we measure time by assignments). In such a short time two of the boys have reached adulthood. One is in college and lives on his own, the other about to graduate. A blink of an eye.

Dorothy - yes we had a Christmas wedding on Valentine's Day. Yes, there is a bit of a story.

whatexackley said...

WOW!!! February is a busy month for ya'll! Happy Birthdays and anniversary.


Anonymous said...

you hit your birthday rush before we do but I can soooo relate to having so many crammed so close together.. it is a lot of cake!!

berrypatch said...

Busy time! I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed birthday!