Saturday, February 07, 2009

TEN Years Old Today!

In our family, the age of 10 is a turning point. Yes, Nolan is still possibly a child...but we've learned the time between 10 and 18 moves very fast. If Nolan holds true to form, and I see no reason to expect differently, he'll be a full-fledged young man within 2 - 3 years. How we have loved the years of 12 - 18 with each of our children. (We love the older years too - but we aren't so thrilled with the leaving home or leaving behind part which seems to happen sometime after 18).

Ten is also the age when a military "child" is old enough to be issued his very own military id.

Nolan has a gentle heart. Many days his quiet comments or giant hug give me the *umpf* to finish my Mommy Day strong.

Nolan is determined! Nolan has had to battle with a speech impediment. Oh, the pain it caused my heart to watch other children tease him. While it hurt, Nolan never let others' trouble understanding him stop him from talking. He's worked HARD the past 6 years to master his speech problem. He has exhibited an amazing attitude through it all. I've watched Nolan win over the hearts of 3 speech therapists. ::wink:: He's quite a lovable gentlemen already.

Nolan is stepping up to the plate. We've discussed how we expect him to be moving from childhood to being a responsible young man. That's our challenge to be loyal, brave and take the initiative to help out, to begin taking more of a leadership role with the youngers, be more aware of being a protector of the younger girls' hearts and reputations (because the older boys are leaving home)....He's rising to the challenge. We've made some comparisons this year in school to being a child, a page, a squire and finally a knight. I expect to see Nolan moving steadily from Page to Squire in the upcoming year.

Nolan, it's a joy to be your Mom.

And...because I'm feeling nostalgic (knowing that Josiah is 20 tomorrow and was 10 just yesterday)...and I post current photos of Nolan quite are some of my favorites from past years.

4 years old - Iditarod Headquarters, Wasilla, Alaska

I've always melted when looking into these eyes!

2004 - 5 years old

2004 - Nolan (5) and Zander (2)
Happy birthday, son. We'll have a big family celebration when you (and your siblings) are well.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

Psst...the airplanes are to honor Nolan's Christmas/Birthday gift (radio plane) and Josiah's sky diving....his birthday is next.


Romany said...

Happy Birthday Nolan!

Anonymous said...

Nolan, Happy Birthday from the R. family in Alaska!

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Happy Birthday Nolan!!!

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday, Nolan!

What a joy your sounds is to your family! I love your birthday posts!

Linda said...

Happy double-digits,'ll never be "single" again!

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day!

Going to the Iditarod Headquarters is on my list of to do things this year!

Cynthia said...

Happy B-day! Love the airplanes

berrypatch said...

Yes, 10 is such a milestone isn't it? And it goes by so quickly. I'm fast approaching to having my first teenager. Oy vey! ;-)

Anonymous said...


Sorry but Happy late birthday.

Wonder how we missed so many of your Mom's posts.

She is eyes are so full of expression and handsome.

You are quite the guy.... Sure enjoyed the time you spent in Eugene this year.

love/prayers -- 2G's T.