Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hair Cuts and Fevers

We are enjoying school. Maybe a bit too much for the younger ones. We need to make a bit quicker progress if we hope to finish by May and/or before a move. (I say this as we begin an extra rabbit trail on Vikings).

I took the boys for haircuts....and the girls too. Stacia won Heather's heart. She chattered away (as is typical) while Heather cut her hair. Then she looked up at Heather and said, "Miss Heather, my monkey thinks you are beautiful." We enjoyed seeing Heather's wedding dress....I've really come to like our young hair stylist.

Quick game of Egyptian Rat - I don't play this game. OUCH.



BAD SIGN at 7 p.m. Zander has a 103* fever, headache and sore throat. Please pray for him. Isn't he adorable when he sleeps?

Please also pray for Jared. He has a sore throat....and has informed me he has House of Faith, two basketball games and a CAP flight to finish before he can get sick. I gave him Vitamins and sent him to bed.

Mike is coughing.....not a good sign either.

Choosing Joy!
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Debbie said...

Oh, dear, praying. Hope all are well soon, or bypass the whole being sick all together.

Just me~Bobbie Jo said...

Oh no! Hope the kids & Mike start feeling better quickly. I know I had to go & pick Jordan up from school again-she got sick. This time no fear-just a tummy issue & and earache. At this rate she may never get to play a softball game-you have to be at practice in order to play.

Deja said...

Oh nooo! Austin is sick too! Well, looks like Erik will have to carry the team at Trinity Lutheran tomorrow night ::snort::

Michelle said...

Praying here!

Romany said...

Sleeping children are beautiful!

We are all full of cold and fever here too this week. Commiserations!

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Zander looks precious. Praying for all.

Anonymous said...

Sis: Praying and add us to your list to pray for..... colds trying to get us..... Actually praying for your entire family and will include your friends and their families too.

Sleeping kids are my favorite.

l/p Mom T

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks guys. Jared is determined to keep his regular schedule...Zander's down...and then up and down again. LOL