Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Zander and Stacia's Adventures

Today was the start of Homeschool Drama Club at San Angelo Broadway Academy. Our kids were excited to have this option back in their schedule. The highlight of the day is that Angela is allowing ZANDER to participate, though he isn't 8. We are trying it to see how it goes. He LOVED it.
All the kids were playing around before Angela was ready for club. I heard her say, "Everyone sit down in a circle." Then I heard laughter. Stacia had sat right down in the circle and was ready to join the big kids for a drama lesson. She was sad to leave, but we drowned our sorrow by making a trip to HEB to check on bulk organic treats. ::snort::
EACH of the children have done this - and each time I have visions of having to get out Mike's power tools to remedy the situation. I don't think I'll buy this type of chair again whilst there are young children in our home.

The day ended with a couple of little admin/internet chores for PWOC and then attending our local PWOC. I love the group that God has brought together.

Choosing Joy!
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Debbie said...

Love the chair photo. That was a daily situation with Gabe. We were thankful when his feet got too big to fit. A little clue if you haven't figured it out (I'm sure you have)...raise the foot up the to the top...that is how they get it in there.

Stephanie said...

That's fabulous that Zander liked drama class. My dd loves them too. We need to get her back into it. Yikes on the chair photo. We've had many ocassions like that around here.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Surely her foot will be too big soon. ::snort::

I never thought of sliding it UP ... it won't move...I pry the bars apart while Jared twists her free...but we'll try it your way if there is a next time. LOL

Romany said...

What a predicament!

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Oh No, glad you were able to "unstuck" Stacia! She looks so cute in the circle at drama class, ready to join right in with the big kids! That's great that they're letting Zander join in and that he enjoys it so far.

Lisa in Jax said...

Yep! That happens here too.LOL The sliding the foot up routine is how we fix it too.

Very cool that Zander is getting to be in the play also. I'm sure that he'll really enjoy it!