Tuesday, March 03, 2009

And the Answer is.....

*I* want to write the story - but *you* probably all want me to cut to the bottom line. ::snort::

I was huffing and puffing away at the gym when my cell phone went off. Well - SHOOT! - I'm not about to interrupt a workout to talk on the phone! I thought I left it at home. I guessed it was Mike with news but I had 15 minutes left.

I called Mike from the car and was told where we were going. He said he'd come home at lunch to tell the kids before we went to drama at 1:00 p.m.

I sent a text message to my parents and the older kids.

At noon....Mike walked in the door, sat down and asked for the globe.


I called Jared out (Jamin was at work - I'd forgotten he would be working). He saw Mike on the couch with the globe and said, "SNAP!"


The guesses began. Oklahoma, England, India, Italy, Japan....?

Zander pulled out his globe to show Mike where he guessed we were going.


After the hubbub died down here at home, Mike went to Chick Fil A to tell Jamin. We felt bad to have missed having him here when we told the others.

Have you guessed already? Here are a few more clues....cherry blossoms, Nate & Heather are moving to China (my brother), I worried about Internet NEEDLESSLY....





Misawa AB, Japan!




Yes, we're excited. NO - we weren't expecting it. I'm thrilled to get part of the family over to Asia (My parents were missionaries in the Philippines). It's amazing how it contains the various aspects we all hoped for, though Jared feels like he wasted two years learning German. ::snort:: I was hoping to stay in Central Region because I love PWOC Central and have loved serving on the Central Region board.

Please do pray for my MOMMY'S HEART which is struggling with the idea of going off and leaving 4 "children" across an ocean...this is a strange deja vu from when I left the Philippines to attend college in OR. Please also pray for our children, who will be just fine, but who are bound to have mixed feelings as they watch us make our first move without the nuclear family intact. The girls moved down here and then moved to WA. We'll have four less children when we leave here....well 3 as we gained Stacia. ::snort::

In the next few months we need to finish school, graduate Jamin, declutter, hold several sales, repair the house, sell the house, figure out what to do with cars, trailer, piano, pets...and will we be able to get an orthodontist over there for Arielle - should we start that here? Do we want to wait another 3 years? How will we ever pay for the kids to come home for Christmas (Meet in Alaska?)? How will we fit in an apartment? Will we be able to get base housing? Do we know any of the chaplains over there? Will I be able to get organic food? Will I be able to grind wheat? Should I leave the Bosch and Whisper Mill here? Will my magazines ship to Misawa? What about curriculum? Amazon.com? It's been a full day.

Tomorrow I begin to SERIOUSLY research Misawa. I think we'll do a lapbook. I want to find out about homeschool support groups etc. Jared plans to learn to surf and snowboard. I plan to stay inside during the winter. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh my goodness, De'Etta, how exciting! Actually, it's overwhelming to think about, but... exciting.

What a difference to make a move like that, with some of your kids staying behind. But - wow - they sure sound like they are well grounded in their faith and maturity.

What an adventure!

Anonymous said...

Needless to say at this point, but I'll say it anyway....WE LOVED JAPAN! We were at Yokota 3+ years and absolutely call it our second home (next to where we are now).

You'll have to get in touch with IDEA if you're in to that kind of thing (getting $$ help with homeschooling and having high school grades organized by "professionals") -- http://www.ideafamilies.org/

AND the Gospel of Jesus Christ needs you and your family to help spread the Good News!!!!!!

AND the Pacific Region of PWOC most definitely needs YOU!!!!

Enjoy Japan. It is in my heart of hearts to return there. But for now, it looks like we're staying put, and that's such a blessing for our highschoolers and college son. PRAYING for yours staying in the States -- and for your Mama heart.


Jen's Whimsical Life said...

I had a sneaking suspicion that it was Japan! My mind kept going back there:)

I'm excited for you all! Will be praying for a smooth move for you!

Kathy in WA said...

Wow! I'm so glad you told the loop to come check your blog. I would have been way behind in my Not2Many family news. :)

Very exciting! I can't imagine such a big move, but I know you will be blessed as you seek to follow the Lord's leading.

Romany said...

Well DeEtta,

I am glad for you. One thing you don't need to worry about is having a Christian friend there. My friend Windy and her dh are moving there from the UK this summer. She has 5 children aged 12/13 down to baby, so there are friends for some of your children too! And they homeschool. See how God has been preparing the new location ahead of time for you?{g}

Unknown said...

Hey- I lived in Japan (20 years ago) but went back recently for vacation. You'll have a great time. I have a friend who lives in Tokyo area that could answer a lot of your questions about food, amazon, etc. if you want. I can send you her blog & you could chat that way. Japan is WAY cool!! You'll love it. Wish you were not so far north (cold), but...
And yes, Japan needs your Christian witness! Tammy

Anonymous said...

God knit each child in your womb and you and Mike have raised them to be tight knit so well that three will be going to college together and staying in the same space. It may be easier for them than you.:)

De'Etta & family,

What a wonderful adventure God is giving you!

We will read every entry you are able to write while you're there.

Kim said...

YEAH!!!!! I didn't even dream that JAPAN was one of the options!! COME! COME! COME!!! We have lots of cherry trees blooming, or will soon!!! When are you coming? What prefecture is Misawa AFB in???? We are in Saitama Prefecture!!! Can't wait to hear from you!!!!!

Yvonne said...

How exciting! I'm thrilled for the adventure you will have!

timsarmywifey said...

Very cool.... I don't know to many Army families who've been there but a few, don't think it's ever on our radar though. Bradley's anyone? ;)

Overseas moves are such fun and a pain in the tushy at the same time! Personally I would leave as much as possible and buy there, that's what we did in Germany this time for 220 stuff, just easier. Or have a huge yard sale and pay off some debt before you go! I bought a Bosch in Europe and sold it to a neighbor when we moved.

Hey I have a friend who lived in Japan as missonaries for several years.... will hook you up!

Love ya... makes me sad though I was hoping to see you at FF this year and chat longer!

timsarmywifey said...

Very cool.... I don't know to many Army families who've been there but a few, don't think it's ever on our radar though. Bradley's anyone? ;)

Overseas moves are such fun and a pain in the tushy at the same time! Personally I would leave as much as possible and buy there, that's what we did in Germany this time for 220 stuff, just easier. Or have a huge yard sale and pay off some debt before you go! I bought a Bosch in Europe and sold it to a neighbor when we moved.

Hey I have a friend who lived in Japan as missonaries for several years.... will hook you up!

Love ya... makes me sad though I was hoping to see you at FF this year and chat longer!

vcitywife said...

DE'Etta! Welcome to Asia! The Zbinden's look forward to having your family on this side of the world!

Jamie Z.
Chiangmai, Thailand

timsarmywifey said...

ps-- had to giggle though at your idea of the nuclear family not being intact seeing as how yours ='s several for some people!.. I of course know what you mean but you are going to be even more of an oddity there than here even with ONLY 5 kids instead of 9! he he

Just me~Bobbie Jo said...

You know I am happy for you-told you so last night! I think I may even sneak in your bags-I so want to go to Japan as does Chelsea. lol

Lisa in Jax said...

How exciting De'Etta! My son Jon is envious.LOL

Some advice that my parents gave me. Don't bring your electronics, they'll get ruined. Store your special keepsakes with someone here in the states, they may not make it back if you bring them. (I no longer have photos of my childhood.lol)

See as much as you can while there! My parents elected to stay off base while there and made some fabulous friends and learned the language much faster.

Dad says that it was really cold up north.lol



Herd Momma said...

So cool. And check out these comments. YEAH! People!! You are blessed to have so many in your circle.
The questions and wonderments that must circle through your head when you try to lay down.
Our GS leader was in Japan for several years. I'll ask her which 'base'. This one sounds familiar. I'll let you know what I find out.

Anonymous said...

Sis: Oh Honey! Know just how you are feeling leaving kids here and there. Been there! Done that! One word of advice........ let the tears flow and things will be easier.

Just think though, WE GET TO HAVE YOUR EUGENE BOUND KIDS JUST A FEW MINUTES AWAY!!! We are really looking forward to having them here for their college years.

We will visit you and yours, plus go visit Nathaniel/Heather in China, plus revisit our home in the Philippines one summer while you 4 kids of ours are in Asia.

YOU CAN STORE ANYTHING YOU HAVE AT our home if you get it here. We have lots of room up in the attic. For sure check out the electrical current over there..... 110 stuff burns up in a second when plugged into 220. How well we remember.

As parents on this end we know and will be praying for Mike/you and Nathaniel/Heather that all pieces of God's puzzle for you all just start falling into place.

HOW EXCITING!!! Man, you are all young so just go for it and take in all you can..... ADVENTURE!!!!!

love/prayers Dad/Mom T.

Renee said...

The college age children (that are still dependents with military ID and benefits) will get one round trip ticket 'home' to Japan yearly; I imagine you can choose to use it at Christmas or for the summer.
Electronic items to bring will depend on whether you live on or off post. Many times on-post has 110V electricity (although the Hz is different so clocks and other items with timers won't work properly). Most larger items like computers are multi-voltage, there should be a plate on the back or bottom that tells the range of Volts as well as the Hz; some need to be physically switched and some are automatic.....
When we went to Korea, we went light (we had no choice as we were only give 25% weight allowance). We chose to bring bookcases and books over excess dishes and decorative items. Each family brings what is most important to them.
You'll have three shipments - HHG, unaccompanied baggage and storage (the three combined must stay within your weight allowance).
If it's like Army was in Korea, you'll be able to borrow govt furniture for the entire assignment. It's not pretty or even comfy but it was functional. There were some limits which is why we brought bookcases; one small 3 shelf just wasn't going to cut it.
You'll find that some business will ship to APO addresses, some will not, some will not ship certain products, some will charge extra... and it will typically take longer since all your mail will first go to San Diego (I think that's the transfer station for AP mail) and then the military will transport it to Japan. Magazines will be delivered but many times are late if seasonal issues.
The AF will ship one car. In Korea families were only permitted to register one vehicle; to get a second required special permission.
Dogs and cats should be able to go as long as housing permits pets and Japanese landlords. I know in Korea there were some onpost units where pets were NOT permitted. Small pets will need to find new homes :(
Moving overseas is extra work but the world experiences are so worth it

Paula said...

What a grand adventure for all of you! I will enjoy reading about everything :-) I have to admit to being a little bit jealous--I would love to get back to Japan some day and take my family with me.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Renee - do you know if that yearly trip thing is the same in all services and at all locations? I was told it is only for the children that are "on your orders" - therefore they have to travel to Japan FIRST and then you'll be able to get a trip...but since all but one of our college aged children don't live with us we were told we may not get that perk.

Stephanie said...

What an exciting adventure! It definitely sounds like you were seeing God's plan develop even before you realized it. Congrats on an exciting assignment. Can't wait to read the blog and SHS posts about it!

Anonymous said...

I WAS RIGHT! What prize did I win??? This is soooo awesome! We have some VERY good friends, Chaplain, who lives in Misawa and some other friends, we keep saying we are gonna hop to visit! Email me and I will give you their contact info.. THIS IS SO AMAZINGLY COOL!!!!

Renee said...

Now De'Etta you must take the family to a Japanese restaurant.... both times we found out about our PCSes to Germany we celebrated with food :)

Renee said...

It should be the same for all branches of the military in all foreign assignments. I know our friends in Garmisch got it for their son and they're Navy.

If a child has an ID card as Mike's dependent (with full benefits) then they will be on orders to go to Japan. Now granted I think maybe your eldest dd is too old to be a dependent for military benefits??

A child doesn't have to live with you to have full benefits of beingn Mike's dependents....

I'll see if Scott can find the AF reg and interpret it for me.

Herd Momma said...

I heard from my friend. THey were stationed there the 'first' time. Not sure when that was. They took a train to visit there Oct. a year ago. She'd be happy to meet and visit if you want.

Renee said...

Scott knew the reg and I found it and emailed it to you.... it should get you transportation for at least one of the college kids.

Wild Homeschool Family said...

It sounds like you'll be VERY busy now, yet a fun kind of busy!

Linda said...

So glad I made it to San Angelo this year! :) It will be exciting to see all your questions answered via SHS and your blog. Okay, we non-military types are living vicariously through you! :)

Linda said...

Wow! What an adventure you will have!

No one seems to have addressed the orthodontics issue, so I'll garner an answer: Wait till you get there. USUALLY OCONUS orthodontia is FREE...so don't bother to start here, paying...you can get it all done, most likely in your service time there. If not, then you'll pay on the back end (when you come back here)...but you'll have less time to pay on it.

I had a friend who spent many years in Japan...she was a Marine wife, but I think they were at an AB...I'll have to ask.

Jen said...

I feel so behind the times, reading this on Sunday! Sounds like you will have an exciting time in your new post, but I am sure it will be a mixed blessing.

For what it's worth, a vegetarian friend of mine found Japan great for eating healthy. I am hoping you will find it the same.